Citizen TV have scored big by including live audiences in shows but…

By David Mwenda

The media has recorded a lot of growth in the shows that come up and how they work. They have made sure they have stepped up the way they produce their shows. One way production of shows has changed is the introduction of the outdoor setting they have now introduced on their shows.

One of the stations that have embraced this mode of reporting is Citizen TV with most of their entertainment shows having an outdoor setting. From 10 over 10 to One Love which always have a crowd either in studio or outside their studio. So is it a worth wile thing to do or should they consider changing. Here is what I think of the whole setting and whether they should do this:


The shows are very creative and bring a lot of change to the way we watch TV. The setting has been able to bring in a crowd that is always tough to bring in and that is the youth and has given them a chance to influence some of the things on the show. Though even though the whole idea is very interesting there is an element that is left at home wondering whether this audience should be left out.

Take for example Citizen’s 10 over 10 when they were discussing KCSE results and how one can help themselves even after the release of the results. However this discussion was met with a lot of backlash on social media and how they were reporting this story and whether the audience there were really bringing out the way the youth should handle themselves on the show.

Staying true to the people and giving them the stage

The shows present a way for the youth to present themselves and express themselves freely and give real time events on the way the people really feel and giving real time reports on how they view the show. This has been able to bring a lot of changes as the producers can feel the exact mood of the guys watching at home.

This has been able to bring a focus on some topics that they consider real-time audience earners and how they view the people and their shows. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time because the media houses can either hire crowds or regulate the crowds we see on the TV and fail to bring good content and focus on just bringing how the crowd is having fun and fail to bring us the message and inform us.

How secure is the audience?

The shows bring a huge crowd and how the crowd is enjoying the show. However how safe is the event they are hosting and can someone be well accounted for in the audience.

Some of the audiences are very hyper and we need to be sure that people who go to the shows are safe to go there with their phone and if it can be stolen or whether it is a no go zone. The crowds need to be sized down and a lot of security needs to be taken care of to avoid theft.

It is good that the shows are embracing the outdoor effect as I call it but a lot of care needs to be taken care to avoid any mishaps. They also need to make sure they have maintained content and not live audience satisfaction.


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