Thoughts on the Trend’s Trending Talkers on NTV, Feb 24

By David Mwenda

The Trend has been around for long and it has grown over a long time and it has generated a lot of traffic and Larry Madowo has managed to secure almost three hours of the show and has managed to get a lot of information on people.

The Trend at 8 takes a look at the day’s top stories and gets the media people to respond and give their take on the issues. Here is what stood out for me on the show on Friday.

Taking a look at our morals and how the rot in society

The show emphasizes on the most important question that really stands out: morals. They really bring out the rot in our society and they have done all the best to make sure they have condemned it in all the ways possible. The way they discussed the issues that matter and are morally crooked stood out for me.

For example the way they handled the Fox News story was very professional and brought out matters of broadcast ethics. The story which was really sad and I think they should have asked the permission of the people there. However that is not the main point, they have been able to influence people out there and make them be interested in the things they say.

Looking at today’s trending news with the perspective of a member of the media

The media is expected to be informative and give us the news. They are expected not to have an opinion on today’s news but question the news makers of the door and how they bring the news. However on the Trend media personalities are given the opportunity to have their say on matters which they have been covering and giving them a chance to express themselves. The panel which consists of Ciru Muriuki, Eddie Butita and Njambi Koikai who gave their opinion on different matters that made headlines on both the inter webs and on mainstream media.

These two concepts were the things that made really stood out for me. However there were things that stood out for me. Some of them are:

Ciru’s take on matters

I absolutely love the way Ciru Muriuki brings out matters on the show. Her opinion is candid and always hits the nail on the head. She makes sure she has exhausted her points and given it fully. This has made her be able to respect her a lot. She makes sure she has motivated or said something interesting that will leave you thinking. She goes hard on anything that is not right and makes sure she has made sure she has left her opinion on matters.

They are funny

The TTTT gang even if they are making their opinion on the matters they are also funny. They do not go easy on something that needs to be doing a lot of things. They make sure the conversation is serious but also they add little puns on each other and on things that require the matter to be laughed at.





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