Analysis of the NTV Wicked Edition show that discussed the matatu industry

By David Mwenda

The matatu industry is one of the most complicated sectors in the country. Many people have worked to control them; and the media has also participated in one way or another to curb this problem.

Are they doing the right thing or should they do more and not leave it to the relevant authorities? The March 7 episode of the Wicked Edition dissected the issue.

Dr King’ori gave the reasons why the matatu industry is slowly becoming bad than it already is. Here is the reason why they are being complex and yet they can be handled.

  1. Are the relevant authorities doing the right thing?

The relevant authorities are the main reasons why the matatu industry is thriving. They have been doing literally very little to make sure they have given people a reason to smile when they enter a matatu. The Transport ministry should enforce strict laws for matatus.

The NTSA should be given much more power and do more and more crackdowns. The media needs to cover the matter with more expertise and involve all stakeholders in the matter.

  1. Should the media do more investigations and shows on the issue?

The media should do more shows and air forums that help the matatu industry. The media is always focusing on  the rot in the matatu industry but it ends there. However, they need to do more than that.

They should give stage to more people in the matatu industry. For one they can go out and get the information that affects the citizens then the drivers and the conductors in the area. They should also give the government a chance to outline policy.  The media has done a good job there is a rot so why not solve it and make it something they can congratulate.

  1. Are there cases that stand out?

As I have said the media have done a good job exposing the rot in the matatu industry. However, in every bad thing there is always someone trying to do something good.

The matatu industry might have different people who are trying to put some good light to it.

Take the example of Brian Weke who was once a tout on Route 23 and he stood out in his work. He used to call all passengers and make sure they have gone to their place of work.

He made sure they had made it and never left anyone out. He created a Sacco for his colleagues and they have done well in being recognized as the best  in the game.

This is just one of the many success story of making touts a good example. Double M is also another example that does this by hiring touts through interviews.

It is important for the media to make sure they have given the best coverage concerning the matatu menace in the country.

They should make sure they have given the matatu industry the best coverage for them to be able to solve this problem. They can be able to make sure the government gets on board to help this problem.


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