Str8up review: is the media supporting Kenyan music?


By David Mwenda

I love Saturdays. KTN always shift their focus from politics for at least two hours and give you a taste of music and entertainment you would like to get.

However, skeptics have criticised the media for not supporting Kenyan content as much as it should.

The shows that air Kenyan content air only a small percentage of local musicians and leave the rest of the air play to other countries. This raises a few questions about Kenyan content and how the media covers it.

Is the content bad?

The rate of Kenyan music has been criticised by Kenyan media for not being at par with other countries such as Nigeria and Tanzania.

However, the content has improved and a lot of people hold the Kenyan music industry in high regard. The content of Kenyan music is put to the spotlight yet the media does not seem to give them a chance to explain themselves.

The rate of interviews for artists is on the rise; but how many of these stations and their support for Kenyan music has increased? How many stations are willing to discuss how to improve the quality of the music? Shouldn’t they be prepared to create an atmosphere that can evaluate them?

Are the DJs to blame?

The number of DJs in entertainment shows is slowly growing and it doesn’t seem to be dropping any time soon.

These DJs act as gatekeepers for content and they should be the first ones to play the works of Kenyan artistes. However, most of them opt to play content from other countries and leave Kenyan artistes high and dry.

They play a crucial role in the media industry but they are not held responsible when they are not airing Kenyan content. They should be prepared to give answers as to why they do not air Kenyan content. They should be ready to say this song can’t be played because of a certain reasons.

Is there bad blood between the media and the artistes?

There have been a lot of artistes coming out guns blazing against the media for not airing Kenyan music and not supporting the artists in the way they should.

The media and the Kenyan artistes are, at some points, at loggerheads. Due to the artistes claiming lack of support, some end up having grudges with members of the media. This explains why the media is biased to play Kenyan content and let the people continue listening to other content out there.

The notion has been set it is hard to change it

A lot of people do not have high regard for Kenyan artistes and this can be accredited to the media. Due to the negative approach to the Kenyan content many shift their focus and end up listening to other content. This explains why most of YouTube views for Kenya had a lot of music from Tanzania and Nigeria. The notion is already set that Kenyan content is whack and it is important to change the perception of Kenyan music because they have already shaped it that way.

It is high time the media stepped up and get the people listening to Kenyan content. Otherwise it will just be cases of letting people miss out on the content. They should probably point out the problems with the content instead of not playing it.


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