Kanze and Lulu did very well in Uhuru interview on Citizen TV

By David Mwenda

President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta had a rare sit-down interview on Monday.

Uhuru is known to be a very media-friendly person and has let in the media more than his predecessors and this time he was the first to do something new by letting the media ask him the questions.

The score card for Lulu and Kanze is out and here is how the interview can be analyzed at.

  1. It was not hard ball or softball

The interview was very inclusive and touched on both sides of Uhuru the man and Uhuru the President. The interview covered both the sides. The first 30 minutes of the interview tasked him on the government and other things. The second half of the interview showed the other side of the man.

The hard ball part is that they did not fail to ask him on the outbursts he has been having. They also asked about his feud with Ali Hassan Joho and whether he has problems with him. He was tasked about his comments on the fight against corruption. He still remained grounded on his opinion that he has done all that he has been able to do over the years.

The soft ball part of the interview was the part where they tried to show that Uhuru was just a normal human being. They showed this by asking about his free time and the family. He was asking about his children and his wife and how they lived. They were very interesting and asked him about his favourite football team in the English Premier League.

  1. Tackled the real issues

The show tackled the real life matters in the country. Lulu and Kanze tackled the mattes that seem to pose as a challenge for the state. For one they asked about the rising unemployment rate in the country and how they wanted to solve the matter. They also asked him about his opinion shaping the wage bill and how they are working with the SRC to make this a rule. They tasked him on the way the parliamentarians increase their salaries and wages without consulting anyone about it. They were able to make him talk about it in depth.

  1. Jubilee’s Nairobi headache

The show took an interesting turn when they started to discussing the entire nomination process of the Jubilee party. The President stated his own position of not playing favorites with anyone in the town. He even seemed not to support his long time friend Sonko on the allegations he made on national TV. He dodged the questions about him like nothing had happened and seemed to direct the allegations to his campaign office.

  1. The normal Uhuru

The interview seemed to humanize the president and make him relate with the people he was going to want the votes from. The show was very interesting and well thought out. He seemed to make sure he had a touch of humility in him. He made sure he gave his side of the doctors’ strike and how he tried to reason with the doctors during the Christmas holiday.


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