When do the TV gospel presenters ever go to church?

By David Mwenda

The gospel industry is charged with the responsibility of changing the way we view Christianity and whether we should accept it. The media has taken a front row seat in making sure that their audiences have that Christian touch every Sunday morning. However are they doing the right thing or are they missing the point. Here are my views about the shows.

Are they encouraging people to stay at home and not going to church?

 Most TV stations on Sunday emphasize on giving the viewers a sermon or such. The sermons are then followed by a mix show that has a gospel music artiste or a pastor speaking on a certain topic. Some even end up using a marketing slogan ‘bringing church to your home’. Most people end up watching these shows and then fail to go to church and say they have been ministered to. It is part of this media presenter’s job to make sure that they emphasize the going to church part. They should emphasize the pillars of Christianity and them joining a bible believing church.

Do they lead by example themselves?

Crossover 101, Tukuza, Kubamba and such shows have quite the following in the gospel industry. However, one thing that is not clear is that even though these people lead the Christian life and emphasize on following the footsteps of Christ, it is not known how they refill themselves is not known. They do not mention about going to church. The media has painted the picture of it is not important to go to church for spiritual fulfillment.

They give the people  hope and the strength to move on but they do no tell us how they refill themselves spiritually. When do they get the time to go to church or a spiritual group?

Is it about the numbers or is it about the gospel?

The gospel industry has been commercialized by the media. Most media stations have their own gospel shows which they use to get their audience watching. This has however caused the spread of the gospel to change its perspective. It has somehow shifted from spreading the gospel to getting people to watch the show because it is the show that looks trendy to the viewers. The good thing is that this has helped gospel musicians to get their music out there.

Should we blame the media gatekeepers?

Beyond gatekeepers choosing the music to be played the tweets to sample and the people to come to the show, they have at some point lost it.

The gospel music industry has been dwindling with less and less gospel content spreading out there. The gatekeepers have not been able to put their foot down and reject some songs. They should take the challenge that secular artistes are producing better gospel content than gospel musicians.

Are they changing lives?

This is the bottom line question that the media should ask itself at the end of each show. The shows should be focused on changing lives of the people watching the shows. The gospel shows should encourage people to go to church and bring people to the Lord.




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