Analysing Jeff Koinange’s interview with Kabogo on March 22

By David Mwenda

This week Citizen TV has been on the go and has been trying to get every single aspirant running for office. On Sunday it was Nairobi governorship aspirant Mike Sonko; on Wednesday it was a time for Kiambu residents to sit down with their governor William Kabogo.

Jeff Koinange was the man to take care of this interview and he was quite exemplary in his work.

First things first: I love Jeff Koinange’s honesty and the way he brought it. He was honest with his viewers that he had invited other aspirants to come on to the show but they refused. He did not want to get on with the interview without saying what had happened and why they failed to come to the show. He even gave Kabogo a chance to comment on the matter. These were my take-home points.

He hit the nail with the head

Jeff really hit the nail with the head and he did not hold back in his questions. He put to task Kabogo for a number of issues people have in their minds and any person would have asked him. First were the drug trafficking claims that are always brought about by his competitors. He was also put to test for his policies and the promises that he had made to his constituents. For example the issue of better roads and the promises he made to the people. Jeff brought it out in a way that brings a lot of sense and he held him to task to explain why the promises were not achieved.

He gave the governor a platform to boost himself

The governor took the chance to discuss his policies and his life. This might be one of the crucial interviews that might count in the long run. The thought of his opponents skipping the interview decreases the chances of Ferdinand Waititu who is known to make promises to the media outlets but he does not show up. Kabogo has been given a chance to talk about his work as governor and his life. Since the other members in the race did not come they failed to put him to task about his choices and his leadership. It also gave him a chance to woe voters and increases his relatability to the people.

Jeff mixes tough talk with homour, making it sparkle

There is always draws you close to Jeff and that is his friendly nature he brings to the table. Jeff makes sure his guests feel at home and get them to talk about anything even the tough topics. His guy next door approach made Kabogo talk to him about the drug trafficking rumors and the illegal activities. He also got Kabogo to talk about the death of Mercy Keino and his involvement in the case. He makes sure he has one his research but still he makes it up by a charm that brings out a sparkle and it doesn’t end up being a bore or a replica of Hard Talk.

He also uses social media to his advantage and brings in the tweets to make sure the audience at home doesn’t feel left out. He makes sure the people have had their say in the show. This makes him he has gotten the people approach into the show and this makes him more relatable to people.



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