Betty Kyalo brought her A game in Jay Jay interview

By David Mwenda

Every Friday Betty Kyalo gets to sit down with someone interesting and talk about what is happening in their lives. This Friday was no different and the sit-down was with none other than football Legend Jay Jay Okocha. The interview was definitely a must watch and it brought out a lot about the host and the show.

  1. Betty is very friendly

Betty is a friendly host on the show and is very welcoming and makes you feel like you are watching the news together. She brings out a new vibe and makes the show all about the host. She tried to juggle the ball and even tried to play along with him. She tried to make sure he was able to open up about his life and how he has been able to come off as one of the best players in the market. She has an approach of the girl next door and your bestie and you can talk about anything.

  1. Absolutely interactive and informative

She has an absolutely interesting way of getting guests to talk to her on the show. For one she makes the discussion about them and makes them to be able to relate with them on a personal level. One way she did that is by relating with him on the level of playing. She talked about her childhood and how they made balls from paper bags. This was able to get JayJay to talk about the entire experience of growing up from early beginnings to get to where he is right now and the challenges he faced during growing up.

  1. Was able to go down memory lane in his career

Betty was able to use his past and did her homework on his past matches. She was able to make him to talk about his failures and his achievements while he was a football player and how he was able to make it better. She was able to get him to talk about his work at football career in different countries and Turkey especially. This is the country which gave him citizenship after one year there in the country.

She focused on the Turkey citizenship and how they were able to get them to work with Fenerbahce and his work there. She was able to get him to talk about the matters that really matter and connect with him on an emotional level. This was through the questions on how he felt about different things including growing from a poor background and how he has been able to get to where he is right now.

  1. JayJay outside football

She did not focus about football alone but also his other interests. She captured the aspect of his retire from football and what he has been doing after retiring  and whether he plans on returning to a football career. She was also concerned about the rate of Super Eagles and how they have been performing of late. She went ahead to ask if he was willing to get back to coach the Super Eagles or other things.


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