NTV’s Sidebar is the show to catch; but they need to do better

By David Mwenda

When Side Bar kicked off exactly three weeks ago I was so excited about the show and I really did make a point of watching. And, true to their word, the premier was the best show that I had seen NTV have and they did a good job to launch such a show, I mean the different concept and them being like a team of people discussing topics that had been covered the whole week.

However it has not been all roses after that they changed the entire concept and involve guests in the show and it has changed a lot.

Conversations running wild

The conversations they have been having for the last week seem to be going down south and they are forced to go on very many breaks. The conversations seem to stop being conversations and they become shouting matches. Take for example when Senator Beatrice Elachi and Millie Odhiambo got into a shouting match and they had to be calmed down by the Larry and Wallace. The conversation did not seem to be going the right way and due to the inability of the two to calm the ladies down, they had to go on a break to calm them down. Yes, discussions go wild once in a while; but when the second explosion came down I did not know what to say.

Did they need to work on the show better?

For one Larry did try to get the two to keep quiet and return the entire conversation to normalcy but he failed. Wallace did the same and it seemed to calm the entire situation. The two seem to complement each other but the Nation crew needs to work on this show and make the two be able to make a good conversation of this instead of creating fighting matches.

The show is very promising and seems to make the country talking all over. However they need to be beyond the fighting matches. They can bring in experts on governance and analysts to the show and make them panelists. This can be done to supplement the questions and the ideologies of politicians and restore the conversation to sanity.

Less means more

The shouting matches have been attributed to the two hosts being unable to control the number of hosts that come to the show and they can be controlled. The show needs to adopt a fewer guests policy to the show and make sure they stick to this. This will be able to make the show more controllable and they can be able to get much more sober conversations and they can be able to make the entire show better.

If they cut back on the number of the guests they bring to the show and get an analyst to the show they can stick to the concepts which I consider very interesting. First things first they have been able to pull off a live out door sessions with very minimal technical hitches on the show. They have been able to draw a lot of people on social media to talk on the show.  The ability to discuss the issues of the day and get politicians to talk about them on the show in an informal way is a brilliant idea. However if they work on this matters they can do much better.




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