Thoughts on Anne Kiguta’s interview with Millie and Mwaura

By David Mwenda

Thursday saw another heated debate on live television. The show which hosted Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo and nominated MP Isaac Mwaura was one of the most heated I have witnessed on TV over the last few weeks. The discussions have become tense and the show’s producers have already upped their game.

  1. Anne Kiguta was realistic on the show

Anne Kiguta is very realistic in her interviews and she gives everyone a chance to talk about what they want. The show focuses on the reality on the ground. I love the way she held the discussion on the post election violence of 2007/08. She made sure she held Mwaura accountable for supporting the president’s comments. She makes a realistic point to hold him accountable for the comments and she made sure they have given the best information and not just side with political sides for no good reason.

  1. She discussed very controversial topics at a go

Anne burns through topics very many people try to avoid. She went ahead to talk about the matters that have making headlines over the last few days. She did not shy away from the president’s comments on post election violence, the NASA flag bearer, the IEBC cancellation of tender and problems in Jubilee.  She took them head on and asked the tough questions that are already in people’s minds.

  1. She is a pretty good moderator

Anne distinguishes herself as a good moderator for the discussion. She steered the discussion and does not try to interfere with it unless it gets a little bit of the course. She makes sure she the panel says on the course. In case she wants to get into the discussion or steer it a different direction is when she will get into the conversation.

However she sometimes seems a little bit quite and lets the conversation off her hands. She ends up looking like she does not want to participate in the conversation. She needs to work on making sure she keeps a wind of the discussion and not let it become a shouting match.

  1. Very straight forward

She is a very straight forward person apart from looking controversial topics. She is very interesting and makes sure she asks things that seem apparent but one would not ask. She went ahead to ask Millie Odhiambo about her relationship with the president and whether she has a personal grudge with the president. This is something that is really very touchy and not many people can ask you that on national television but she sought to get the right information on the show.

  1. Kisiangani was on point

Kisiangani is a very interesting panelist and he always seems to bring in the political acumen that Anne does not have on the show. He is very candid in his points and is very eloquent in his points. He is very good at bringing sanity to the conversation. His impartiality in the conversation makes him to be able to open up the minds of the people and make them see beyond the political angle of the conversation.


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