Points to ponder from Citizen TV’s 10/10 of March 24

By David Mwenda

The new generation of youngsters is changing everything that we see and how we view them. One of th things that they are slowly changing is the side of relationships. The youth have been able to change the entire meaning of a relationship and the processes involved. Joey Muthengi brought about the entire conversation and how the youth view the relationships but I do have a few things to say about the entire conversation.
The view has changed and it is no longer about love

The view seems to have changed and the dynamic shifted over the period. For one the entire conversation is shifted and it is all about money and sex. These are the things that matter in today’s relationships. This however has been reiterated in every single conversation in the media. This is why I think this conversation was the same old thing that really did not have to be aired by Citizen TV.

Should we shift the conversation?

Yes. The media is so hell bent on having this conversation on the youth and dating but they end up having an epic fail. Former Radio Host Sammy Kaihuri believes that it is important for the media to have a better conversation and seems to believe that the media has trivialized the entire relationships and dating conversation. He believes this discussion is done by people who are not experts in the matters of relationships. He believes that the youth have lacked to get the right information about the relationships and they tend to listen to people who do are not professionals on relationships and he is of the opinion that members of the media actually get counseling training for the job.

Set the agenda, not follow it
Sammy believes that it is high time the media return to its main agenda which is to set the agenda for the society and the rest to follow. The media can be crucial at reshaping the way we view relationships. The entire 10 over 10 shows could have been about changing the perspective of the youth and relationships not ascertain the claims. This could be done through having a different panel to discuss the relationships the youth have. The panel could have dissected the way forward and not just talk about th cases that are there already.
The interview was an epic fail at looking at the relationships and they could have done better. Other than doing a social experiment live and the social experiment lasted only 5 minutes. They could have taken a better route that could have been a bit different. They could have held the blind date but in a different location and they could have given more time to the entire exercise.

Should we blame the media for the rot in relationships?

The media has been quick and sharp to point out the rot in relationships but they do not seem to take in the fact that they are to blame for the said rot that they are always reporting to us. It is high time they recognize the role they play in the media and get to discuss this matter in a sober matter. They should know that they hold the key to making the conversations better. They should give the best discussions in order to help save the young generation


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