Boniface Mwangi: Whether activist or politician, is he electable?

By David Mwenda 
He is one of the most controversial people and activist in Kenya. Known for his work as a photojournalist, activist and the founder of PAWA 254 at his age you would have thought he has done enough but no. The man is now embarking on a new challenge which is to be the Member of Parliament in Starehe. However the man has continued to grow his publicity and just yesterday he was on Choice 2017.
The rate at which he is getting a lot of publicity is highly threatening to his competitors who do not feel like sharing the same stage with him. However politically speaking he is not seen as a threat by his contenders and that is why yesterday they did not show up at the interview yet all of them had been invited. The show however went on and here is how he will gain more political capital if his contenders do not show up.

1. He is given a platform to talk about his policies
Bonnie is being given a lot of capital by the media. This is because he talks about the problems that he sees and how he thinks e can be able to help him. He has a clear cut agenda and he does not shy away from sharing it on any show he is invited to. The rate at which he is going he needs someone who can be able to counter his agenda or counter it with something else.

2. He already has a beloved character made by the media and they are making it even more likeable
The media has always viewed Boniface Mwangi as a person who is loved by all. This can be attributed by the fact that he was once a member of the media and his activist approach and the way he always comes out to defend the rights of the oppressed. He is constantly in the headlines due to doing something that is meant to make people have a better life. His method of speaking the truth is always questioned but the message he wants to express out there he is standing out for a better country.

3. Why not ask the difficult questions?
He has been portrayed as a person who is constantly in the limelight as a person who is beyond reproach and well known. He has been able to endear himself to people. He is constantly in trouble with authorities. However, now that he is running, why is he not being put on the scale? What are his policies, other than salary cuts and such what is the one thing he is going to do for the people other than defending them from police brutality? He is talking about job creation this is one thing every politician thrashes out to the youth every single year but in the long run the unemployment rate grows.
Boniface Mwangi is one of the people who I have always looked up to. He has taken the right path to success and he is not about the money. He is a true patriot of the country and I believe we need to stand up the way he does for the people. However he needs to tell us that he means business. He needs to get down to telling us his agenda in full and tell us how he is going to help us.


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