This man Joho and what the media is missing

By David Mwenda

For weeks on end, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has been at the centre of discussion by the entire media and he has managed to spin every tail to his favour.

When he is chased away from the Mtongwe Ferry launch he is portrayed as a governor who is disrespected by the President and his Jubilee fans. He is consequently put on a pedal stool by people from the coast and in the nation in general. The media has made him a center of attraction and a magnet which attracts everyone.

However this is not the reason for writing this piece. My aim is to challenge the media. The media has done a good job in looking at his stories and what he does and why he has been doing. The entire spat which started off as a mere political indifference has been blown out of proportion. Take for example this week Joho has been accused of using fake certificates. The certificates which have been declared null by KNEC has been given to the DCI for investigations.
It’s a classic he said she said situation
The story is now being treated this way by the media. Take for example when the leaked letter was found by the media no one bothered to look down in the story and read in between the lines. All roads led to Joho for comment and he classically addressed the media and told them he had gotten the sermons to appear at the DCI by the assistant Inspector General of Police. He has gone on to talk about the way the government should use this manner of research to curb the rising battles in Baringo and other counties affected by the violence.

The media has missed the point what the Governor got and they have failed to corroborate whether his statements are true. Second they have failed to get comment from KNEC and why they are doing this research now and not before. Why did they not ask him about the results before the 2013 and make sure the results are true and after 5 years this is the time they are asking about his results.

Why isn’t anyone checking his leadership track record in the Coast?
The media has been carrying out stories and making sure we get to know where the Governor is headed and what he is doing. By far he is the most popular Governor and he gets more media coverage than the president. However during the sit down interviews that he has done he is never asked about his track record. The media has failed to look into his daily job and whether he is helping the residents of Mombasa County.

Take for instance the case of the funds he claimed that did not add up during the Jubilee tour. He claims that the county had received 40 Billion while the Governor claims that he only got he got only 16.4 Billion. The media did not bother to check the right funds until the Commission for Revenue Allocation released the figure to be 21.4 Billion. No one has asked him where the rest of the funds have gone to. The media has not figured a way to find who is telling the truth and who is lying? No one has questioned the system and I am very sure it will stay that way.


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