The untold story of Kidum: How sleep helps you at times

By David Mwenda 
Many people know him as the sweet romanticsinger but many people do not know about his past and how he got to the top. They know him for his hit records such as Haturudi Nyuma and nitafanya and many other songs. How did he get here is there a turning point that made him change the way he views life?
These were the questions that Duncan Khaemba tried to uncover on his show “The Untold Story”.

He sought to know the other face of Kidum and what made him come to Kenya. He came with his A game and he tried to make the interview as lively as it could. The interview was the best I have seen in a long time.

Killing two birds with one stone
The interview killed two birds with one stone at a go. For one they were able to talk about the Burundi unrest in 1993 and the way Kidum saved himself from the war. He told him that they had planned to sneak out and go to a girl’s school and then come back in the morning. They were however reported by a fellow student and his friends were killed. He was saved by the fact that he was asleep during the entire ordeal.
He also got to focus on the fact that they were able to make sure they knew the situation on the ground in Burundi. He tried to give him his personal story of how he saw the turmoil that was in the country and how he escaped and got to Tanzania and how he got to Kenya.
He was able to connect with the audience emotionally.

Duncan was able to make sure he had connected with the audience and tried to show that he could be able to give them an emotional story. He tried to give the emotional side of Kidum and the Burundi turmoil in 1993. He tried to give them a glimpse as to how the situation was without having to use dreadful pictures and horrifying testimonials. He chose to use an influential figure and gave his story to relate with the story of others. He made sure he connected with the audience emotionally without having to use crude means.

Use of songs in between to help the story
The Untold Story used some of his songs in between the interview to give a glimpse of the situation he was facing. His songs could easily relate to his life and how he got to the top. For one they could tell the story of someone who is hurt and is not going back. He places God before anything and that could be easily related to the song Number Moja. He made sure that the story reflects on something in his life and not just throwing in any song that he saw.
The entire story was catchy and at times sleep helps you and in the case of Kidum. If he had joined his friends we would not have heard some of his hit singles.


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