Why Nasa should be wary of media spins

By David Mwenda 
This is the make-or-break moment for Nasa. The coordinating committee has not been sleeping as they have been looking at the possible outcomes of running for presidential flag bearer. The team has finally presented its final report to the 4 Principals.

First things first
The media has been reflective in the manner they report the stories and covering the issue. For one they tried to show that there was suspense in Nasa. They have been doing a lot of reporting when the team has a press conference they have been present at the meeting. They have been doing a lot of work to make sure they have covered everything we need to know about the alliance

Game of favourites 
This is a game of favorites that is being played here. If you have been keen on the coverage of the four principals you might have noticed that some people are given more coverage than others. Take for example the fact that a lot of coverage has been given to Kalonzo and Raila.

For one, Kalonzo has been going out there to give interviews. His allies have also been covered and what they have been talking about. For one they have been trying to sell their own agenda. They have tried to make Kalonzo the flag bearer of the team. He himself has gone out to make himself to be seen as the popular candidate.

Raila has managed to get a lot of coverage. He has managed to retain a lot of coverage. The press has constantly attended his press conferences and he has managed to maintain the image of being the person causing the government sleepless nights. The media has been able to put a tag at him for being the flag bearer of the coalition even though it has not been announced.

It is mine! No it is mine!
The media has been able to portray the four leaders of the coalition. For one when the Wiper leader came out to make a case as to why he wanted to be the Nasa flag bearer the media went into a frenzy. They went out and ran stories of how he might be defecting from the party. They did not give him a break and they tried to make him look like he was a rebel and they tried to take it back to 2007 when he went it out alone after leaving Raila and his team.
The frenzy did not end here. When Francis Nyenze gave a press interview and he wanted to see Kalonzo as the presidential candidate. The media made it look like Nasa was going to break up and they tried to make him look like he would be defecting and going it alone. However the media has covered sentiments by Joho and his ODM friends who have said almost the same things as Kalonzo and Nyenze. This kind of games has allowed the coalition look divided and it has if each one wants to go it out on his own then it is accepted.
It is high time Nasa gave out its flag bearer to avert the tensions that have been witnessed in the country. From there they will not have to do a lot of the damage control they have been doing of late.


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