Beyond the development projects, what has the media covered on the administration?

By David Mwenda

The Jubilee government has been going around and making a lot of launches and it has been working round the clock to show that they are really doing their job and that they deserve a second chance. They have been launching this and that and making sure they have pushed the development agenda.

The media has been at the center of this and they have made sure they have been doing their job looked. They have been covering each event and what they have been saying about their development agenda. However beyond the development agenda what else has the media looked at in depth.

Sticking to the same things

The government has stuck to its main talk points and they have done everything to make sure the talk points stick. They have insisted on the electricity connections, the SGR project and the many kilometers of roads they have done in the country. These have been the main issues they have been raising. They have been repeated this over and over and it has become the hit songs and the singer is the Jubilee government.

This talk points have been constantly sung by the media and they have aired them in sleek power point presentations. They have made sure that Kenyans get to know what the government has done for them. The media has done enough to drive the development agenda.

Dig deeper; maybe there is something

This is my advice to the media. Do not just do a story and move on to the next. Let not the speed of the news room because you not to evaluate whether there is a story behind the story. The news stories on the development plans can be dug deeper. The media is leaving a lot to social media and they are the ones driving the narrative.

I say this because during his tours in the country yesterday the media covered how he was launching roads and various projects in the country. I agree the media was just doing its job however they could have also started the conversations as to why he is launching a lot of the projects now and not before. They would have asked for the motive but instead people started to make fun of the project launching and that is when the media caught on the story. If they decided to ask about these projects before and his intent there would not be this backlash from #KOT.

Does Wanjiku benefit from these developments?

The underlying factor to these mega billion projects is how people benefit from these projects. This is one thing that they need to make sure they have gotten. Overall they have done a god job covering the situations that are affecting the country. They have brought out every challenging situation in the country.

When it comes to the developments they have failed to show how they help the person that is on the ground. They have failed to show how people have or have not benefitted from these projects. Are they creating jobs? Are they increasing the ease of trade? These are the questions they should be asking instead of just looking at them as talk points every time they have an event.


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