Take-home points from Dennis Okari’s piece on Gaza gang

By David Mwenda 
On Sunday the hashtag #DiaryofAGangster was trending for a couple of hours and even landed on top of the list. The issue being that the rising rate of crime in the city and the growth of gangs such as the crew Gaza is stealing making a lot of headway by recruiting members. The gang which has been grabbing a lot of headlines in newspapers and gutter press has finally gotten a limelight on television.
The piece exposed the crime gang, Gaza and how they have been terrorizing people in the city. The gang which has been in existence for a couple of years was finally put on the spotlight. This has made them the most talked about gang in the country as of now.

Is the media finally getting it?
When I watched the report on NTV I was seated next to my friend and I asked him. A few weeks ago the media came out and made viral the video of two policemen shooting two people who were known to be thieves. The video has elicited a lot of sharp reactions from the human rights society and which they came out to defend them. The report by Dennis Okari has brought in a new twist to the story. He obviously I his research and was able to come up with the answers on the rising rate of crime in the country.

Where do we draw the line on the narratives brought out?
The media now needs to draw the line on the narratives they have been bringing out. First they vilified the police for the reports and they made the police look like they had done the wrong thing. I am not supporting the fact that they did not go through the right process but they made a judgment call. It is time for the media to stop making them seem like the bad guys in the country. They need to give them time to do their job.

Though the piece is not about the two who fell in love with the gun and were shot by the police for being murderers it sets the agenda. This is because we need to it has opened up new lights to how we view the police and also how these gang has grown. It also needs the police to step up its game on keeping watch on these crime gangs.

A lot of research put into it
The piece is obviously well researched and has a lot of work one on it. They obviously sat down and did a lot of work to make sure they have all the details on the gang. They also went on the ground and made sure they have all the information they want on the gang. They did not stop at that but they went online and tried to find all the information they ha online and how they operate.

The use of social media by the gang is something they exposed with some of them posting pictures of the crimes they had participated in and the work they had done. They played the victimization card very well. For instance they showed the way they have been attacking police officers an even criticizing them for the work they have been doing in the area and the people their fellow members who have been shot by the police.

Step up the work on mega scandals
It is very important for the media to step up on these pieces and expose people who have been up to no good for the country. They can now investigate the mega scandals in the country and make sure the people responsible have been the architects of these mega billion scandals in the country.


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