Eunice Kilonzo hit the nail on the head with article on teens and sex

By David Mwenda 
Today in the morning the headline on the newspaper  was one of the boldest topics I have seen in a long time.

The Daily Nation stepped out of the political stories it has been running and sought to bring a piece on teenagers and sexual. The piece is so interesting and it was definitely a wake-up call to people.

Let us not just hoodwink the youth
There has been a lot of talk on how the youth taking note of their sexual lives. This even saw the introduction of sexual health in both primary and secondary school. However even with the introduction of sexual education in schools there is something that is a miss. The way the education has been packaged seems to be wrong and it does not seem to be teaching what the youth need to know. They need to be given the chance to be able to know what they really need to know on this matter.

Teaching an old dog new tricks
This is exactly what is happening in the country. A lot of institutions have refused the introduction of teaching of how to use contraceptives and what they need to know about their use. Eunice really pressed on the issue of the church and parliament refusing to make the teachings of the contraceptives available to the public.
She basically was able to hit out on the religious sector and the government for the reason to blame on the scanty education presented to the people. They have one literally everything to hold on the moral high ground. They have tried to make sure the youth know very little when it comes to the issue of contraceptives.

She also emphasized on the youth still being taught the importance of being pure and being virgins. This seems to be very different as there are studies which show that children are having sex at the tender age of 12 years. This is like trying to teach someone something they already know.

They should have focused on the importance of using a condom and contraceptives.
The research hit the nail on the head
I can tell a lot of work was put into this story. They made sure they have all the things they require. She isolated the target group and everything she needed to know. She not only took the study into question but she also decided to question a pastor and what he thought about the entire thing.

She emphasized on what the youth need to know about the entire thing in the country. She made sure she had put into perspective the number of the people who know the use of contraceptive.

She went ahead to make sure she had done the research on what the youth needs to have to have on the matter. she also asked what the youth need to know about sexual education. She also isolated areas that have been in the limelight about sex and other things in the country.

This is something that needed to be discussed and someone stepped up to talk about and did not hide it. The bold move to put it on the headline is also something that is interesting and should be applauded. In short she did a very good job on these one and she needs to be congratulated.


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