Is Moses Kuria just frustrated by the media?

By David Mwenda

Today in the morning the country saw day 3 of the ongoing party primaries. It seems to be the worst time s the party is seeing the best and the worst side of politicians in the country. Many have been interviewed while live on location and they have said a lot of things.

However one man stood out today and that was Moses Kuria. NTV reporter Kennedy Muriithi was about to ask him about what he thought of aspirants who alleged that he was going to cause violence in Gatundu. That is a very normal question but his reaction catapulted him to be discussed on National Television for his reaction of the interview as he used the “F”

The immediate reaction causes this stir

This is the first thing that came to my mind. Is this something normal from a Member of Parliament? For someone who is used to be in court for unruly remarks I do not think it something to be surprise about. The media is used to him making snide and unruly remarks every time.

However the immediate reaction of the media and especially NTV was to use the comments on live TV and even form a discussion of the thing. This immediate reaction is what is causing this matter to be a national matter to the whole country. This has even landed him to the top of the trending list today in the morning. It has even le to other news outlets to making it a story for all to see.

It is a case of trying to vilify Kuria

Immediately the comments were done and Ken returned the matter to the studio he was immediately vilified by Gladys Gachanja and Trevor Ombija for the comments. With the help of the panel which was present in the studio. If they could have ignored and apologized for the comments then it would not be a huge mess for Moses Kuria and his team if anything I do not think he is even bothered by the comments at all. The comments would have just stayed in limbo and they would not have caused any comments.

What you push is what you get

For the glory of ratings and getting people to watch their stations obviously they had to have this comments up and running everywhere. However what you condemn heavily is what is praised by everyone. This seems to be the case of the MP. He is always seen as a person who would have said such a thing and thus I back fired on them but still they get to comment on their story.

However let us look at it from the bit of the moral high ground part. If you wanted to make it a issue of being sustaining morals then you would have just apologized for the clip and move on. However this is not the case and in the long run they ended up being a matter of making Moses Kuria look like the bad a guy and the results ended up being different. The comments seem to be different as some say this is a very normal thing and that they are used to it anyway.

I do not support his comments however I do not also support the way the media has taken this issue and making it seem like it is a moral issue. If anything a lot of people use the “F” word. We live in a society which will accept anything and will treat it as a joke or just forget it quickly.


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