Larry’s interview with Kabogo was a bit half-baked

By David Mwenda

On Sunday, NTV’s Larry Madowo sat down with the governor of Kiambu County, William Kabogo. The interview was what you would call a big success for the governor. He took charge of the interview from the word go and he made sure he had the chance to make sure that the interview spoke one message Kabogo is the triumphant one.

Larry gave the ammunition which he was short with

Larry’s choices of words in the entire interview were a huge mistake which open a window of opportunity for Kabogo to evade some of the questions. For instance he could have shown a clip to show how he was portraying women in bad light. However they failed to do this and instead he use the word “claim” which could easily be refuted because it just that a claim.

Focus on the primaries and Waititu

Larry spent a long time trying to pin him down on his matter. He tried to pint the picture of a losing Kabogo and a person who might lose in the polls come the Jubilee primaries. He tried to spend a lot of time trying to hammer him down during the interview. He tried every single way to try getting him to talk about his opponent and when he did he always hammered him down more and more.

For example when asked about the opinion and what he thought of his opponent leading. He went to point out the polls that had him leading and even blaming Waititu for propaganda and trying to make undecided voters to vote for Waititu. He even got to talk to him on the issue of Waititu no appearing in interviews and how he refused to attend the Jeff Koinange Live interview.

Focus on Kabogo the man and his work

When Larry was done trying to make Kabogo talk about his opponent he tried to talk about his work as governor. If anything he would have focused on this area a lot. This is because he would have worked on the projects such for anything newsworthy to ask about the projects he seems to be happy about and if he has been able to deliver on the promises he seems to be happy about.

Another area Larry could have focused on is the personal life of the governor. The man is marred with a lot of controversy over his personal life and specifically his wealth. He was once mentioned as a drug lord and yet Larry did not seem to ask him about this instead he asked the big vague question”where do you get your money?” He would have asked about the report and what he thought of it. He could have asked about the reports and where this is the source of his funds. When he mentioned he owns a chain of companies he could have asked about what his companies are. He could have asked where he is getting his campaign funding but he didn’t ask he just left it at that.

Larry is one of the best interviewers in the country. However yesterday he failed to make sure that the country is well briefed on William Kabogo. He did a half baked job which was a bit disappointing. The interview managed to make Kabogo emerge the best.


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