Again Jeff Koinange hosted the volcanic Miguna Miguna. Did he do it right this time?

By David Mwenda

On Wednesday,  independent contestant for Nairobi governorship, Mr Miguna Miguna was the guest on Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange Live.

It was an interview like no other and it left an impression. It was a much-hyped interview and somehow it lived to its billing. It left out an opinion of the governor and it seems that the internet community seems to like the guy.

Why did Jeff put his work at jeopardy again?

This is the main question I asked myself when I saw the posters which were circulating online. The other thought that came to my mind was that Jeff must be a really daring person. I think Jeff is a clear example of a good journalism. He does not care what you think; he cares about getting the people that matter and getting them to talk on his show. Though the move was risky, it managed to give people an alternative opinion of the man. And people had an idea who Miguna was and what he stands for.

Did history repeat itself?

Though I think Jeff is a great journalist and he has what it takes to be crowned the best talk show host in the country, I think that if he could have let Miguna run wild, then history would have repeated itself and he would have ended up losing his job.

However, at one point you could tell that this time Jeff was in control and he tried to put him on the leash. This ensured they had the best interview ever.

He did his homework this time

Jeff really did his homework this time. Watching the last interview with Miguna and comparing it to Wednesday’s, you could have seen a huge difference. This time the conversation had a base and he did his best with a lot of research done on everything they were saying.

Take for example when he raised the issue of Peter Kenneth’s grades. He asked if he had Miguna had proof and he did not know he had a copy of Peter Kenneth’s academic results. They even ran the results on national television for all to see.

This was not the only instance, as he insisted on Miguna talking about his policies and what he plans on doing for Nairobi residents. This is another area that he did his homework and every time Miguna tried to stray from the topic, he made sure he had brought him back. This made Miguna actually get his points through and being tough on the guy might have helped him.

You have to agree with Miguna on the media

My thought on his bid does not matter. However, there is one thing I agree with Miguna: He has been billed a third party. The media tends to select candidates who seem to be the top and leave the rest. The rest are left to struggle for airtime and such. They miss the picture of the third candidate who probably has a cause for the city.


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