Jeff Koinange & Jalang’o: Is the new Hot 96 pair the hottest in town?

By David Mwenda

The latest coalition in town has been unveiled. It was the most highly anticipated and the most waited for coalition ever. I am not talking about politics, by the way. The latest coalition in town is from the media. I am talking about Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o on Hot 96.

Jeff on radio

The show put Jeff on radio. This is the first time I have witnessed such a thing. I thought that people normally move from radio to TV but things were different. This time Jeff, who is famed as the topmost TV talk show host in the country, wants to establish himself as the best radio host.

The man is good on radio. He seems like he is going to make it and he has the potential to make it on radio. He has the energy the drive to make it on radio every single day. They seem to have a strategy of making him the sober voice to Jalang’o who is normally very witty and humorous.

The man to watch is Jalang’o

Even though I think Jeff has a great start to the radio show, the man to watch and the guy turning heads is Jalang’o. This is the man with the crowd and that is why he is causing heads to turn and since he left Radio Maisha, they are already feeling the pinch of him leaving. And this is why.

  1. He has a religious following

Jalang’o has the biggest following on radio. He seems to have the art of moving with crowds wherever he goes. For example, many of the people who used to listen to him when he was at Radio Maisha called in today in the morning and wanted to be part of the Jalang’o family. When he was at Radio Maisha, he seemed to have found his footing and he was able to get people to tune in and they became his very loyal fans who would do anything for the guy.

  1. He has the man-on-the-ground approach

One thing that endears Jalang’o to his listeners is the fact that he is always very relatable. He tries to make sure everyone is accommodated on his show. He will connect with everyone who calls in and will try to make them feel very important and in the long run he will end up brightening up your morning. Another trick that endears him to many is the ability to remember every single caller who calls him and will even recognise the voice at the first instance. He will make you feel like you are talking to your bestie on the phone.

Royal Media Services definitely has a keeper

This is definitely the best decision Royal Media has made in a long time. They have managed to establish themselves as a force to reckon with when it comes to media. It has sent Radio Maisha back to the drawing board. It also injures the hopes and dreams of Radio Maisha trying to establish itself as the best.


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