This is my scorecard on the media’s coverage of party primaries

By David Mwenda

The political party primaries are almost done. For some there is reason to feel very happy and for some there is no single reason they can find to celebrate. In the long run, you always lose and sometimes you win.

The media has gone a long way in making sure they have brought comprehensive coverage of the party primaries. They have done their best to make sure they have done their work.

But even though we can say they have done a good job, they do not deserve a pat on the back. They have a long way to go because they have not yet reached the best level they can get to. These are my reasons.

Set up base in all areas but give comprehensive coverage

They have set up base in each and every county. They made sure they have covered the entire country. This made sure that they were able to convey what is happening in the country and even what is going wrong in the country. They make sure they have done everything in the country.

This is a good thing as they manage to sample the comments from Wanjiku and how she felt about the whole process it was an undoing. For example when they cover what is happening in one polling station, they seemed to be missing a story of other places.

They needed to set up strong areas where they can do their correspondence in the area. This makes sure they have the best coverage of elections. They make sure they have done the best election coverage. With strong correspondence they make sure they have better coverage such that they can avoid the live coverage every single time and they can focus on more detailed discussions.

Focus on the violence but little information on what they are

This is another thing that the media is also working to bring. The media is very focused on making sure they have brought informative pieces. However, they need to make sure they have done their best to see to it that the job is done . They do not need to show the chaos that is going on live television.

There was a lot of confusion that was going on in the Jubilee primaries that were going on in Starehe. It was very hard to know what was going on as all you could see was confusion in the area. They did not really cover why there was confusion. They only came in later to say that there was a flawed process in the constituency.

Though it is important to have live coverage sometimes it is important to be cautious of the people you are going to be interviewing. In the case of the Kennedy Muriithi when he interviewed the Gatundu MP Moses Kuria. He seemed agitated from the beginning of the interview. He even walked out of the interview.

Set up tallying centers in the area

This is the thing: though we had results coming in from every county, it appeared like the results were stagnating at some point. This happened even when there was streaming of results in the area. They have also been conveying results they need to have their own tallying centers. This will make their work of being a watchdog better.


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