Ciru did a good job replacing Larry, but…

By David Mwenda

This is what I do every time I see someone replacing the normal host of a show: I sit down and pray for them (yes, I said pray. I do not want them to dread every single minute of the show).

I also pray for them so that they do not screw up and make me never watch the show again.

So when Ciru took the reins of The Trend last night, I prayed really hard for her and she did not disappoint at all. She made sure she tried to fit into Larry’s shoes. She gave it her all but there is a reason she was able to come out at the top of this task.

Her similarity to the Larry style

She has a system of hosting shows that resembles Larry’s. She is witty and she does her best to make sure every panelist on The Trending Talkers has a place to talk. Larry treats all panelists like equals. (What? can he say he is the first among equals? Leave that alone for now.) Ciru did the same for the panel because she is one of them. She did her job very perfectly there and she had a sure way of making them do their work.  

She has made her own legacy

She has managed to coin her own legacy on her show for having two cents on everything and having the sober perspective in the entire panel. She also did it in a witty way. Her always funny but sober self was still on during the show.

This time, however, she made sure she was still keeping everyone in check. The Trending Talkers can sometimes run wild in their comments. Take for example when Cindy Ogana of Hot 96 compared Eddie Butita to black Kenyan-made dolls.

This seemed to have caused a debate on social media and people wanted to keep her comments in check. She managed to make sure that she had kept the lewd comments in check and made sure that everyone was responding well to their comments.

When it came to interviews she did her best to make sure she gives the best interviews. Normally the show goes on for long (up to midnight nowadays). She however kept the show very short and to the point. This can be an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage. At times the show needs to be very long so that you can burn through a lot of topics.

For instance in her interview with Khaligraph, she did not make it long and she did not pursue everything that was said about him during the show.

However, she made sure they had a meaningful conversation on the music industry and what he is doing to make sure that the industry keeps growing every single time.

But if there is one thing Ciru needs to do is work on her set of questions. Though she has cut out a legacy of her own, she has still a long way to go when it comes to interviews. She needs to move from the “normal” set of questions to a brighter range of questions. She did a good job trying to mix up talents, established artistes and  upcoming ones, but she still needs to do better.


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