HomeBoyz gives Decimal a chance to celebrate 20 years in the music industry

By David Mwenda

Thursday evening was one of the most eventful in a long time. First was the interview of Raila Odinga and Hussein Mohammed then Decimal celebrating 20 years in the music scene a producer. The latter was the one that caught my eye and gave me something to think about and reflect.

As a writer, I think the pen (rather the keyboard) can change your life in a very few seconds. It can either make you or break you. However, I think the media has misused the art and they are letting the old rot while claiming to give the new a chance to showcase their talent. This is why I think this event is worth writing about and the role that HomeBoyz Radio played in it.

Let’s give the new a chance but also let’s show them the way to go

This is the one thing that the media needs to learn from people. They need to recognize the fact that there is need to balance the media time and make sure that the old are not confined to be played on Thursday and the days we feel nostalgic. It is high time we recognize the fact that people need to move from these thoughts and work on making the pioneers of the music generation feel respected and not just thrown out with the bath water.

However, on that note the pioneers need to start up a place where they can mentor the young ones to do better music. For example the gospel industry began the Groove Camp where the big names in the gospel industry came out to make to give advice to the growing and upcoming artistes. It is important for them to give them the ropes so that they can be able to give better content.

Maybe it is not the media it is the artiste

This is something I have been trying to battle for a couple of months but I figured maybe the problem is not the media but the artistes.  Very few media outlets are ready to play strictly Kenyan music alone. For example when Adelle Onyango took over the show keeping it Kenyan from Shaffie Weru we thought she was going to keep that banner alive for Kenyan artistes to be able to listen to the show. However months after taking over the show it was given the name Urban Africa. The show got a different feel and changed everything and failed to be 100% Kenyan all the way.

On her Vlog, Caroline Mutoko asked our artistes”who are you writing for?” This was the question that should really spark our artistes. Take for example Musyoka the founder of Decimal Records. He has been able to grow a brand of artistes who have won awards and have gone out to have the best careers ever.

Starting out with the award winning group P-Unit to Nonini and many others who have passed in his hand this is because he takes his work seriously and he makes sure that content is key. He should now pass over this information to his friends who are upcoming producers.

Do not just pass out information because you want to pass it out. Think before doing not the other way round.


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