Hussein’s interview left even Raila struggling to answer questions

By David Mwenda

It was one hyped event but it generated a huge viewing. It was dubbed the interview that was a deal-breaker for the flag-bearer of the Nasa coalition. This was the first time Raila was granting an interview this year and the first time since he was named the flag-bearer of Nasa.

The interview had an outdoor setting. They made sure the interview broke the monotony of the studio. They made sure they achieved the effect of depicting an exclusive interview; not the normal random interviews they do every single day.

The interview was broken into parts and they made sure the Citizen TV crew ensured they covered part of the interview. This made the interview to be easily managed and it also gave Hussein a chance to make sure they have done his job perfectly.

The political side

The interview covered a lot of politics. Hussein asked a wide range of questions based on politics. One area where he asked a lot of questions was on the NASA coalition. He asked if he was ready to be a one term president and the current MoU he has with his running mate.  This issue seemed to be very exciting for Hussein that he ended up working up the NASA Flag bearer.

I think it was not right for Raila to have become worked up on the things that were said there. However he also needs to be cautious when he is answering questions. He seemed like he wanted the interview to be all about him. However he should have made sure he has come prepared for the interview in the area.

The coming election

This is something that was a major topic on the interview. This was an issue that kept on occurring every time. The issue was that NASA was planning on boycotting the elections because of fears of vote rigging in the coming August poll. He put him to task over his thoughts on the preparedness of the IEBC and whether he thought they could do a free and fair election. He also sought comment of the previous elections and if he felt safe with this new commission that has been set up.

On other matters that involved the election. The numbers that he thought he was bringing to the table. He asked him if they were going to be able to beat the team that had beaten them in the 2013 poll. He seemed pretty confident of the numbers and he confidently said they were going to get 10 million votes.

Nasa policy

This was another thing that came out during the interview. This was the main event of the almost one-and-a-half-hour interview. They made sure they have brought everything that is happening in the country.

From corruption to the economy and the rising cost of living they literally tacked very single aspect of governance and they did their best to make sure they have done everything interesting on the interview.

I still think they should have focused on this part more. It is high times journalists realized that they hold a very hard task of making sure politicians spell out their agenda and that they give  a detailed action plan.


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  1. A Job well done Mr David Mwenda,I specifically want to applaud you for the areas that you have tackled in politics


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