Anne Kiguta’s interview with Martha Karua was a stride in the right direction

By David Mwenda

Ever since Anne Kiguta took over the realm of Monday Special, it has been a very slow few weeks for her. She has not really shown that she can actually replace Janet Mbugua. She has been able to carve her own niche and establish the show as a political show and not a lifestyle show.

On Monday, she interviewed Kirinyaga governorship aspirant Martha Karua. The interview was a trendsetter and they ensured that that they have established a pretty convincing show. The interview was less of a political interview and more of a policy interview.

This was the first interview I saw with such an approach. Instead of starting with the interview, with what she was doing in the opposition and why she will not be working with them, Anne chose a different approach to this interview. She started off with questions of what she thought about Kirinyaga and her strategic plan for the county instead of asking about politics.   

Other journalists should borrow a leaf from her because it is high time the media stopped focusing on the wrong attributes of the media and did a good job. This is because most media interviews start with the political side and have focused on this for a long time. This explains why, for the last four years, the media has been experiencing a lot of boom in the number of political interviews that are taking place in the country. (In fact it is the thought on which Citizen TV has built its shows on for the last four years.)

The media plays a very big role in making sure they have checked the government. In fact they should be better at doing this but instead the opposition seems to be doing most of the work. This explains why there are very few exposés done on the government and them being a facilitator of political fights in their news rooms.

What does she stand for?

In the interview, though she covered the part of her strategies in her work, she was put on the spot for what she has been doing for the last few weeks.  Martha Karua is a very good career politician but one card you cannot be able to play against her is her sense of duty. When Anne asked about her relationship with the CORD team and why she left them to support Uhuru and the Jubilee government she had the best answer.  She pointed out that she was just doing her job and her civic duty to make sure the government is kept in check and that they are running the country in the right way.

This is not the only way she showed she was a brilliant politician. She was able to show that she is a bit of a mature woman and politician. When asked about her thoughts on her opponent she played her cards really safe. She made sure that she was graceful in her work. It is very interesting that they were able to make sure she has kept her composure when asked about her flip flopping to Uhuru and why she did not paint her opponent Martha Karua in bad light.

The interview is an eye-opener for journalists during this electioneering season. They should focus on the policy of their candidates and not what they think of their opponent.


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