Daily Nation’s special way of celebrating Mother’s Day is a trendsetter

By David Mwenda

If you are an ardent reader of the Daily Nation then you have definitely noticed something very interesting. On the family and parenting section on their website http://www.nation.co.ke you might have noted some pieces whose headlines started with the words: Mum’s Stories.

The segment, which is a build-up to Sunday’s Mother’s Day, is to celebrate motherhood. When I read of some of the few stories I was drawn aback by the pieces and how each and everyone came about and brought out something very interesting in the long run.

Something personal yet so catchy

Even as I was going through the stories of how each and everyone talked about their mothers something made me want to go out and ask why they were doing this. This is when I decided to talk to Sunday Nation’s Elvis Ondieki who had done his piece on Wednesday to know why this was happening. The first time I told him I wanted to talk to him on the record he was like, “Yeah, go ahead.”

My introduction to the topic made him laugh.  (I do not know if he was laughing because he expected a question on health or on the country’s “unga situation”).

However here was a guy who wanted to discuss with him about his piece on family and parenting and more so his piece on what he thought about his mum.

However as we got to talking he cleared the air about why they were doing the pieces.

According to him, this year nation.co.ke wanted a different approach on the matter. This is why they decided to ask out a few of their reporters to write about their mothers and what they think and their past experiences with their mums.  They wanted to make it as personal as they could to the reader so that the reader to talk and think about eventually.

One thing you have to give the team that put together these pieces is that they were able to ace the personal stories. They have been able to cover the emotional aspect of the entire thing. The writers sharing their personal stories kind of saves back on going to look to look for heroes out there while you have a few of them smack inside your office. I think this time that is what the editors had in mind I think they did a perfect job.

The idea of telling people to talk about their mothers and made sure they have a different set of ideas all together. They have decided to down the entire idea of making it all about mothers talking about the day and the one-day affair where they look for some random person and make them stand for all mothers in the world (or the country depends on how you see it).

I think Nation Media Group has done a nice thing to give their reporters a platform to introspect. This is why I think the entire idea is good and is a trendsetter. This is why I think they have done a good job and have made people be able to acknowledge that reporters even beneath the stories they bring to us have a heart and they love their mothers the same ways you love yours and the same way I love mine also.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!


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