Miguna Miguna’s take on the media is an alternative fact that is true

By David Mwenda

Nairobi governorship aspirant Miguna Miguna is one man who always hits the nail on the head. His takes have made some of the people in the media to lose jobs. This is what caused Jeff Koinange to part ways with KTN.

When he appeared on AM Live on Tuesday, he seemed to have continued to hit and he did it really hard. And he has not stopped to abuse the media fraternity.

His take is what forms the basis of this article. At Media Critic Kenya, we believe that it is important to keep the media in check. However, we do not go to the lengths that Miguna goes. This is because we do not want to go to court over legal battles. But also, we do not know how to make such lewd and horrible comments.

Miguna’s perspective is that the media seems to be compromised. For example in the run up to the 2013 general election, media houses seemed to be aligned to support one person or another. The media for the last four years have been fanning flames of the things the government and opposition even without checking the facts at times.

They seem to be instruments of propaganda instead of using their time to bring actual change to the country. This is why for the last four years instead of focusing on the development agenda they have been busy trying to show how politicians are fighting each other. For example in 2014 when the controversial security laws were being debated in parliament they did not seem to check what the laws and only seemed to pass the facts that they were gagging media freedom and nothing else.

Fast forward to 2015 when there was a very long teachers’ strike. They did not give any valid information. They only pointed out there were a ruling that showed that teachers had been given a pay rise in a court ruling in 2012. They did not look at the practicality of the pay and only seemed to keep fanning flames of Cord and Jubilee as they traded blame on the strike and how the teacher’s trade union hammered the government.

Alternative facts are not welcome by the media

This is something that the media is sometimes not willing to welcome any alternative facts that they bring to the table. Take for example the most recent one which is on the candidates who do not seem to be popular. When new leaders who are viewed as new entrants are running for office they receive very little media coverage.

Very lazy media

This is not the first time I have heard that being said by someone. The media seems to be very relaxed and are willing to continue with the status quo. This is why every time they want to report on the same things and are constantly dependent on reporting on press conferences only and not going to the ground to find out what is going on. They seem to glorify a few aspects of politicians and are not willing to change the dynamic that is there.



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