The M-Pesa advert that makes you want to send more money

By David Mwenda

Take a break and think for a minute and think of something that happened this week. Safaricom released its annual results and the numbers seem to be generating a lot of talk. The media has been pretty speculative of the way they have been able to carve their niche and established themselves as a force to reckon with in the country.

However, every time I look at Safaricom, I see people who have worked hard to get to where they have reached.

They have taken the time to build a formidable force and establish the company not just as a telecommunications provider but by also making itself a force to reckon with in promoting M-banking and other things. I mean you cannot mention some events without saying the name Safaricom.

One thing is for sure: They know how to market themselves. This is one thing that Safaricom has done that makes it a very well-known brand. One of the adverts that make me want to use their products is the #NiYanguNiYetu advert. The advert makes you feel very happy and it makes you feel happy to use M-Pesa.

Getting all the people

Though an average of more than 25 million people using M-Pesa, Safaricom realises that there is a large number of people who do not see the need of transacting money and thus it targets such groups.

It makes sure that people get to appreciate that Safaricom has been there for a long time and that they can continue to use the service which they love. It makes you feel like you need to think about how M-Pesa really does help.

One thing that caught my eye is that this involvement of all kinds of people out there. It makes it more attractive. Have you ever heard of the fact that diversity brings strength? I think Safaricom was able to capitalise on this and made sure they have done their best to bring a nice and very good advert to sell themselves to people who think Safaricom is not a good brand.

The advert is pretty engaging and makes you think a lot about our work and what they are doing. It shows that people can be united and they can send and receive money from one person to another with them not being worried about how they are doing this. it also show that one can benefit from sending money and that people are appreciative that people have been able to stand together with M-Pesa for the last 10 years and they are grateful for the fact that they can send and receive money for a lot of things that are there.

The rhythm in the music

Something you have to agree with me is that Safaricom adverts are there to make you have that feeling that makes you want to just feel good about yourself. I mean, everyone loves their music and their adverts always have the right accompaniment and you definitely feel happy about yourself. You can definitely feel proud to be associated with Safaricom in the long run when you get the right people involved.






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