‘This is It’ and ‘Shuga Down South’ should slap Kenyan TV producers from their slumber

By David Mwenda

The premier of the show This is It and the continuing of the MTV Hit show Shuga Down South in the Kenyan scene is a revelation to Kenyan producers. The shows seem to be generating a lot of talk and pose a lot of competition to our Kenyan shows and what they base their shows.

Media outlets need to realize that there is a change in the way they present their TV shows. This is why they need to make sure they have done their work and research. This is why they need to make they have gone back to the drawing board.

Viewer exhaustion

Some TV programmes have been in existence for a long time. For example for Citizen TV since 2005 they have been having the same high school series Tahidi High. It took the likes of OJ and Freddie almost six years to graduate from high school. Though they have changed their casts and tried to fit them into our current age, they have been failing.

If you run a show with the same concept of multiple troubles and no small breaks in the year, it comes out as very frustrating. I think it brings out a certain exhaustion of seeing the same programme over and over for the last many years. They need to make sure they have done their work to make sure they are doing their work.

While I think the programmes have been there for a long while and to some extent they entertain people, TV producers need to seriously rethink their work.  

There is need to bring in new talent to the table. This can be done through a lot of auditions for new actors. Getting new scripts for different shows and making sure they have done their work.

With new programmes, they need to make sure they have rested the old programmes and change the programme exhaustion that has been there. To make sure there is no exhaustion in the long run, they need to make sure they have a wide range of products to offer their viewers. They need to make sure they have developed a wide range plan of the programmes they want to develop in order to make sure they have beaten the thought of viewers being frustrated to see the same programs the same time every single day of the year.

It is high time there are ways to develop a form of reward for the best TV films in the long run. There are many ways of rewarding our actors. For instance there are awards and making sure they are honored and respected even more. In Kenya there are very award for our actors. The most prominent being the Kalasha Awards. Stakeholders need to make sure they have developed more of these awards. It is high time we stepped up our games in the production of our work in the country. It begins with making sure we have reprogrammed our mindsets to accept change. This will go a long way in making sure they can do their work.


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