Why the unveiling of Alex Mwakideu’s co-host is taking a lot time like the Nasa flag-bearer

By David Mwenda

Alex Mwakideu was one devastated man when he heard that his co-host and somewhat best friend Jalang’o was leaving Standard Group and moving to Royal Media Services. According to sources, he was in shock after Jalang’o announced his move to Hot 96. However, the media is like the political field: alliances break and you should be prepared when they do.

The strategy that has been put by the Radio Maisha team seems to be having that effect. This is why they have been running adverts showing Mwakideu talking to Obama and even Pastor Uche from Nigeria.  This series of adverts show that Alex is in the market (rather off the market) and has been receiving recommendations of the person they want to replace on the show.

Media Critic Kenya thinks this strategy, which seems to be keeping the whole country in suspense is a ploy like the one used by Hot 96 when they announced the change in the country.

It is very interesting that Radio Maisha, which has been named the best brand in the market for a few years, is still keeping people guessing about the identity of Nick.

Who is this Nick?

Though the adverts reveal that Nick will be revealing who is going to be replacing Jalas in the show. However who is Nick? How does he come very “highly advised by the prolific figures” calling Alex. Is he the right replacement for the work that Jalas did? When I did a review of the show earlier this year, I mentioned that Alex is the sober one and Jalang’o is the funny one on the show. So, does this mean that Radio Maisha is going with someone who is not a comedian to complete the equation that seemed to be providing very high level ratings for Radio Maisha and even kept Maina and King’ang’i a lot of competition?

It seems like there is a new strategy that is going to be used in the new show. Alex brings good expertise on his grasp of the political field. He seems to have the perspective of a political professor and is a good interviewer. However, what does this Nick offer that seems to have gotten the eye of the producers of Radio Maisha and his soon to be co-host of the show?

The advert strategy

The most paramount strategy they are using is to wait and see how Jeff and Jalas are being received by people. They seem to be playing their moves very carefully to avoid a backlash from the fan base which has remained with Mwakideu. This is why they seem to be making sure that they have done their arthimetic and seem to be using this strategy to make sure that they assure their listeners that their home is in ship-shape. This explains why Alex has gotten a “call” from Obama and Pastor Uche to get Nick on the show.

The last few weeks have been very critical for the Radio Maisha crew but they need to prepare themselves for a war that promises to be tough. They need to make sure they have cut down the theatrics, unveil the new co-host to hit the road.


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