Nick just fits well in the gap Jalang’o left

By David Mwendwa

It finally happened. Nasa (sorry, Radio Maisha) finally released their co host for the morning show Maisha Asubuhi.

This was after a series of adverts with Obama and pastor Uche pushing a guy called Nick to be his new co-host. The unveiling of Nick was done in an advert where he seemed to have coughed up all his Swahili and tried to look cool with it.

Monday morning came and people were itching to hear how this guy sounds on Radio Maisha and he did not disappoint at all. He gave it his all and, trust me; he did not fail at all. Honestly, he does fit in well with his new role in the show. The show kicked off with the high energy Alex has been lacking all the time since Jalang’o has left.  Here are the things that you need to know about the show.

No big rebrand done

This was the thing that made the show interesting. The show did not receive a huge facelift as the show had done that. The show maintains its segments and it does not seek to change the fun loving element of the show. This is the thing that caught my eye. The show however has a lot of work trying to shape the way the show is to take up. They needed to take the war to the right place. They took to making sure that they have gotten everyone involved on the show and made sure they were doing its work.

The big rebrand for the show was the introduction of Nick to the show. Another rebrand was on social media. Instead of the normal Maisha Asubuhi hashtag they introduced a different hashtag which has been trending since Friday. They were able to make sure they have made sure everyone has been able to catch up on their work in the long run.

Nick seems to pose quite the challenge to other morning shows

Nick seems to be fitting in very well with his new co-host. For instance you ca be able to see that Nick seems to be the fun guy while Alex is the guy who controls the conversation. Nick seems to have brought in a lot of people to the show. This is why I think he will be bringing in fresh and new blood to listen in to the show.

I think the show is very interesting and Nick brings in a lot.  They have done their work in the long run and they have made sure they have brought out the best in each other. Nick is definitely the right person to replace Jalang’o in the show. This is why they need to make sure they have stayed together in order to generate this people in the long run.

Bottom line is

The main bottom line is that the show is a classical hoot and everyone should try and catch up with Nick and Alex in the morning. The duo of the two is definitely very promising and seeks to bring in new and fresh blood onto the show which is a good thing.


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