Anzetse Were’s thoughts on the opposition were right

By David Mwenda

Anzetse Were is one of the fiercest economists I have seen in a long time. She is able to explain a situation without bias and she does it in such a way that even I who knows very little about how an economy operates will tell you that she makes sense.

Her lack of bias is what endears me to her, so this week on Monday when she hit out on the opposition, I had to rethink the way the opposition has been packaging itself.

Her views on Press Pass were what made me want to write his column this week. Her thoughts of the opposition and the economy brought out how the media has to some extent treated the media with kid gloves.

Lack of a proper plan and solutions

Peter Kagwanja, CEO of Africa Policy Institute and columnist for the Daily Nation wrote of the strategy the opposition has used for the last four years to keep the government in check. The perpetual campaign mode has managed to keep the government always ready to defend themselves. This is why the opposition has been able to keep Kenyans and more so their “strongholds” in check.

However, one area they have failed to give us the right results. I say this because though they have been able to unmask the high rate of government theft and they have been able to give the government a run for its money they have failed to give any relevant solutions to help Wanjiku on the streets.

For instance they opened an Mpesa pay bill number which was to help the teachers during their strike. This solution though impractical really did not get any of the media members to think and try to ask the leaders how practical this solution can be.  This is just one of the many times the opposition has gone scot free.

When asked about how to solve the economy crises in an interview with Hussein Mohammed. He did not seem to have a lot of thoughts on how to handle the economy. Even with strategists like David Ndii on his team he does not seem to have a lot of plans rate of unemployment and the rising rate at which companies have been investing in other countries and how they can handle this mess better.

What is their defined structure?

Anzetse has questioned the structure of the opposition. The opposition is like an alternative government and it needs to operate the same way the government operates only without state machinery to help it. For instance she pointed out the opposition’s failure to name a shadow government that corresponds to the governments set ministries.

They have been unable to make sure they have a panel of individuals who can talk about security, food security, and even be able to have a sober approach to the government policies they do not agree with. Another thing being they have criticized the way the government on its expenditure but they have failed to show a shadow budget and how they would spend their money if they were in government.

It is high time the opposition stepped up its work and how they have been doing their work. The media should check these things and put them to task over how they are going to handle the economy. They need to make sure they have done the right things and not just give them air time to rant out all the time.



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