Identity theft is something media presenters should be careful about

By David Mwenda

This week’s Checkpoint was tops as it has always been. The show, which brings in a different way of bringing news to your home,  always has something you can enjoy.

This week was no different. It covered something I have always wanted to talk about but sometimes I do not think it’s something I would want to do. It is something that happens to every popular person in the country even the world over.

Recently a friend of mine decided to hit up on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook page and he sent him a private message in Swahili. Then wonder of wonders the response he got was in Swahili also more so in Sheng. This was the same thing that happened to Checkpoint host Yvonne Okwara.

What is the motive?

The motives are sometimes very dark and they end up damaging the personality who is being targeted. Some of them tend to have very hard line comments that damage the image or spark a lot of debate about the sanity of the person who is writing and in the process the personality they are impersonating.

For instance on “her” page Yvonne seemed to lecture women who seem to want to wear skimpy skirts and have the tendencies to show their cleavage of to man in order to get attention of men. This post seemed to have generated a lot of heat as everyone seemed to want to comment and read on this story. This is even what seemed to have gotten the attention of the lady herself even. It is very interesting to note that were it not for the post then the impersonator would have continued to continue posing as Yvonne and no one would have noticed that something is wrong.

Have an official page

This is the first step to making sure they have done their work very well. This can be through making sure they handle their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat pages and making sure they have done it perfectly to avoid any gap. The gap which is brought out by the personalities not being able to manage their social media page and they can try to handle the issue.

They should also secure their pages and make sure they have an identifier to their pages. For instance the pages can have small things that are able to identify them. Some of the personalities create a way they can avert this issue. For Alex Mwakideu his identifier is an underscore and it helps him because impersonators go for simplicity.

Step up the game

Media personalities need to step up their social media game. They need to work on ways they can be able to make sure they stay on top of things. They need to make sure they regularly update their pages and also improve their strategies on their online character.

For instance they need to be very vigilant not to show their political inclinations and what they think about the government of the day. This part has been so far achieved; however they should make sure that their pages have the right bio information. They also need to safeguard their social media pages to avoid hacks. It is high time to know that people do not watch them just on TV but also on the inter webs.


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