Why Kabogo should be cautious of his media strategy

By David Mwenda

William Kabogo is back and this time he seems to have rethought his strategies or maybe he appears to have bettered them. The last time I talked about William Kabogo was when he had an interview with Larry Madowo.

The interview which was among the final ones before he went on to suffer a humiliating defeat to Ferdinand Waititu in the Jubilee nominations.  The loss, which seemed to be a culmination of his political career, seemed not to have deterred him.

After what he called a political break, Kabogo came back with a bang. His return which was announced in a press conference on Sunday afternoon and he seemed to have hit the ground running on Monday with an interview on Monday Special with Anne Kiguta. The interview which focused on the issues that seemed to have been surrounding his run before the primaries.

Focus on politics

The interview seemed to have focused a lot on the political side of Kabogo and his political standing come 2022. Anne steered a narrative of a Kabogo who was going to be running in the 2022 general election and his boot during the primaries. Anne tackled this issue a lot in a very sly manner. She asked questions as to whom she thought to sabotage his political career and his run as governor in the primaries.

She was also very interested in why he was running in Jubilee and why he thought he had a chance to beat the nominee for Jubilee. The questions which seemed to ask if he was going to be losing the election come the August poll. He seemed to be very relaxed and he seemed to have gained some sense of humility when it came to this matter. He seemed to have been relaxed and ready to answer all the questions that were being brought to him.

His sudden character and its sudden change

Anne seemed to have asked him about his character. She seemed to have asked the questions that were being avoided with people who had already interviewed him. Her coverage of these questions seemed to have been more efficient. He seemed to have asked about his arrogance to his constituents and how it seemed to have caused him the elections. Other media outlets seemed to have missed this question and he seemed to have evaded it. Anne did not evade this question and he seemed to have had all the questions regarding his attitude.

The question of his relationship with women also came up in the long run. She however did not tackle this matter in a way that I had expected to handle this matter. She seemed to have tackled this matter with a lot of kid gloves. She decided to go with the allegations questions and she did not have a way to handle this issue. If she would have brought out this in a sound bite he commented on women in bad taste because he was able to get off that question very easily. She would have asked about whether she was ready to work with women in his government and whether she would have done it better.

With the return of Kabogo then it brings into question a lot of things. The media should  now bring in Waititu in a different interview. They should also focus on bringing in both of them in a debate setting and make sure they have handled this matter in a different way.


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