Why William Ruto did a good job on his interview with Anne Kiguta

By David Mwenda

It was yet another entertaining night with Anne Kiguta hosting Deputy President William Ruto.  The interview came at the right time as it ended clearing up a lot of things in the long run.

The maize situation in the country

This was the first thing that Anne addressed when they sat down for the interview. She tried to get the story of the maize situation in the country. She seemed to be trying to get all the answers on the food security issues in the country. She asked to know what was happening in the country as there was very little food in the strategic food reserves. She also took the liberty to ask about the importation of maize into the country. Though I think on the issue of maize importation she would have tried to get more answers. For instance she would have asked why the agriculture went to meet out the maize imports yet it is being supplied by government suppliers.

She also sought to now the long term problems in the country about food security and how she wanted to solve the entire mess. She wanted questioned the way they have been handling the entire situation in the Galana Kulalu project in the country. This is something I have been trying to get people to find out and see and make it something on top of their agenda.

This bug called corruption

The issue is a synonymous topic that always comes out when you talk about the Jubilee government. However the interview was a joke when it came to tackling this matter. I think they could have handled this matter in a bit of more light. if anything I think the deny deny deny strategy used by William Ruto was cause to talk to him. This is because it made a mockery of institutions in the country. This is why they could have worked out a few other ways and made sure they have done the right thing in the country.

For instance he jumped into the conclusion that he was going to be questioned about the Euro Bond and he jumped to defend the whole issue. His jump into the matter brings into questions a lot and the questions were not answered by Anne Kiguta. For instance she could have asked how they have handled the entire issue in the country. The issue of Eurobond money brings into questions of the expenditure. Though there have been statements done by the government and the finance ministries there are loopholes they need to work out.

Overall, I think they would have done a better job working on the matter and tried to make sure they have done their job right. Corruption can be handled in a vast way they present themselves. For instance she would have asked why someone like Anne Waiguru was being let to run on a jubilee ticket yet they do not want to be associated with corrupt acts.

The entire interview really brought out a lot of things. It seemed like it was only based on the issue of food production. William Ruto is someone who knows how to work past all interviewers on tip toes. He confuses himself then he confuses you then the entire interview ends up being a dodging match.



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