Analysing Igathe’s interviews: Does he fit the Sonko equation?

By David Mwenda

Last week, Nairobi governorship aspirant Mike Sonko unveiled his running mate for the Nairobi governorship ticket —  Polycarp Igathe, a man who was previously an MD at Vivo Energy and was barely famous. The only time he was known was when a senator shot at him earlier in the year and even then he did he did not get a lot of publicity from it because the story did not make even a news cycle.

However, for the weekend, he seemed to be the most chased-after man by the media. He sure has done a lot of interview this previous week and he has gotten a lot of limelight. The interview that seems to have caught the headlines was the one he did with Anne Kiguta. The interview which brought a lot of things to the limelight and he made sure they have done the right thing in the long run.

Why move from business to politics?

This is one question that people have been speculative of and they have tried to make sure they have talked about this story. This is one thing that people ask when a businessman joins politics and he made sure he has answered that question as best as he could (never leave the politics to the politicians alone).

Anne was really pressing on this matter and she made sure she got all the information she wanted. She asked him about his move to politics and what he brought to the table and what his interests are. She seemed to want to put him to task as to why he was moving and he wanted to become a deputy governor and what he was going to be doing.

What does he bring to the equation?

This is another thing that seems to be bugging people. What does he bring to the table? This is something that Anne sought to know in the entire thing.  Politicians pick running mates based on what they bring to the table. In Kenya it is mostly the numbers and what they bring to the table.

For Polycarp the media has already shown that the guy does not bring anything to the equation. The guy only seems to be attracting the middle class and rich who feel insecure about a Sonko governorship. This is why Anne asked apart from this people who else does he bring into the equation. People are likely to vote in tribal lines (which is not a good thing) and that is why Anne asked him that question and sought to know whether he brought anything apart from businessmen to the table.

He was his own man

This is something that came off during the entire interview. He seems to bring the business side to this equation. He seems to be very interested in making sure he sticks to being a businessis person and he did not seem to have rehearsed this interview which made him more relatable to people.  He does not seem to have transformed to a politician and he tried to be politically correct in the entire interview.

He brings a lot of security to people who think Sonko is not a good governor. However with PK back into the equation it will be hard to know who will be the next governor and if Polycarp will get the people who they wanted to get into the picture.


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