Analysing Peter Kenneth’s independent bid and his usage of the media

By David Mwenda

The past weekend brought a lot of things into the limelight. However one thing came out pretty clearly: Peter Kenneth would be in the running to be the next governor of Nairobi. This was a move that was kept under wraps for a long time as people did not know what to expect of him.

His move  has brought a lot of questions about him and his fall out with Jubilee Party. The first stop with the media was on NTV and no one better than Trevor Ombija who was very effective in this interview. He is really getting better at this and he has developed better.  

Why be an independent

This was the first question that came off in his mind. This is why he needed to tackle this issue first and put the issue to rest. This is why he needed to make sure he has gotten this question off his chest and off the chest of the people. He made sure they have done the right thing in the long run.

He was forthright with his topic and he made sure he has answered the questions that he was being asked. However there are a few things that come out in the topic and that he did not check at all. He made sure they have done the right information. He did not check if he had the real hard evidence that was being asked in the long run. The show was playing a long short game with these one and he was moved in circles with these interview. He was not also pressing enough to know who was trying to kick him out of Jubilee to protect his interests in 2022.

Trevor also failed to tackle the issue of 2022 politics very well. This is because they did not look at it in the perspective of a running Kenneth in 2022. He would have looked at this issue in this way and ask if Kenneth would be running. If he could have asked what his future aspirations would be then he would have gotten more conversation start up.

Dependence on Uhuru Presidency

Peter Kenneth has been a man who has been placed in the spotlight for supporting Uhuru in order to get some political mileage. This was something that Trevor focused on a lot in this interview. He asked if he was supporting the president in order to gain some political capital. Trevor made sure he has gotten the right thing and he tried to make sure that Kenneth was not just running on this platform and he aced it. He gave Peter Kenneth a run for his money when he did this because you could see he was willing to make sure they have answered these questions.

His development plans for Nairobi

Peter Kenneth seemed to have a lot of proper plans for Nairobi. He had already given a blueprint of Nairobi and how he was planning on handling his issue. Trevor however is one very good interviewer and instead of just asking the issues and he tried and he made sure they have all the answers and the exact blueprint of how he would be tackling this issue.

For instance he made sure how he could tackle the problem of garbage collection in the country and how he could handle it. He made sure he has given the right information about every single thing he could do. He made sure he has done the right thing by making sure they have all the information about this matter. The same for water connection and health care connection and how he would tackle these matters when he became the next governor for Nairobi.


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