Judging Yvonne’s handling of topics in the debut of Kivumbi 2017

By David Mwenda

The premiere of Kivumbi 2017 on KTN News happened on Monday this week. It was all about politics, pundits and the people. The show which will be running from 6-11pm brings the election into focus and helps Wanjiku be able to make the decision concerning on the way they view the issues and who presents it better.

The show has a pretty good vibe towards to it and it makes a lot of sense to have an election show that will focus on the entire thing. KTN has really thought of this idea and they have done all they can to make sure they have the best people on board on the show.

One interview that stood out for me was that of Josphat Nanok and Yvonne Okwara as she tackled the issue of devolution and how Nanok found his new role. The interview tackled a few issues that I wanted to discuss.

First is the issue of devolution. It was only appropriate for her to ask the questions on devolution as the council of governors is always there to take care of the issue of devolution. She was straight forward on this topic and she handled it in the way that everyone would deem fit.

She tackled the main issues troubling devolution and one of them being the transition of power and how they would handle the issue. She made sure she asked about the bill and how if not passed would case the problem and how it would cause a major problem in the transition of power and how it would cause a problem in the long run.

She also handled the issue of relations between the county and national government. Yvonne here did a good job as there has been a lot of push and pull between the national and county government. She even went to a personal level where the president and Nanok seemed to be having problems when he visited Turkana.  She tried to ask if threw was any rift or problem between the President and Nanok and if it was personal and if they have worked things out.

Another issue they handled was that of funding and cost of living and more so food shortage. This was also a big matter that they really needed to be made accountable to because they also have agriculture CS’s in their cabinet line up. They seemed to be giving the national government a hard time while they also had not planned themselves for such shortage. This is something that really needed redress as people had not been able to handle the governors to accountability.

The issue of funding was also another thing in this topic as the issue of money and how it was being spent. She raised questions in the amount of money that was being spent in development and other things. She asked questions of mismanagement of funds in the counties and how they could have handled this issue in the long run. She also asked how they are handling this issue and if they can be able to get more accountability in the county.



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