Jimmy Gait: Behind the trolls is a man who has a different view of the Gospel music industry

By David Mwenda

Jimmy Gait is a very interesting person. The guy since last year has found himself in a lot of controversy. He literally swims in it. Last Tuesday, he came out to the Wicked Edition to tell his haters that he had something that will be coming out this week.

The following day, he came out and he released a song titled Love. He made sure he had set out the message. He was really grateful of the haters and that he actually loves them and he does not care if they said anything. The culmination of the eek is when he to The Trend the interview seemed to have sparked a new wave of emotions.

The media has been doing a lot of work on Jimmy Gait and his image. They had crafted an image of someone who is transitioning and he has changed his style in singing. In the long run the narrative was taken to social media and people in the long run they decided to make sure they have stuck to it.

In the long run they need to make sure they made Jimmy Gait a meme for a long time. However it seems Jimmy is willing to take the distance and make sure he has taken back the narrative this week. He seems to have accepted that people are willing to talk to him every time even when he has not released a song.

He wanted to connect with people emotionally

Jimmy seems to have made sure that he has personified herself to people. He wanted to make sure that people are able to connect with him emotionally. He made sure they are doing their work in the long run. They need to make sure they are going to make sure they are going to have a wonderful time in the long run.

He was able to connect emotionally with his audience in the long run heck he even cried (though I did not see tears). Anyway he was overcome with emotion when he was asked about the trolls and how they had affected his life. Though I think the interview did not cover this matter in the right way.

Changing the perspective of the gospel industry

Jimmy Gait is one of those artistes who believe in changing the way we view the gospel industry. This is why they have developed a different way to catch the fish they have been chasing around in the long run. This is why he has been releasing songs that what people call blasphemous and dangerous to the gospel industry. He has been very vocal about the getting of people to listen to the messages in his songs and not the title.

He makes a point that they need to make sure that people do not judge where he has been making sure they have done. He makes a point to listen to his work and he has been doing his work better. His songs though they have very conflicting titles they have a very nice message in the long run.


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