Things you should take up from Dida’s interview with Mark Maasai

By David Mwenda

Tuesday night was an independent’s day in the media. They did all they could to cover the IEBC event with presidential candidates. To crown it of Mark Maasai sat down with Kenya’s teacher and Alliance For Real Change Presidential candidate, Abduba Dida. From the interview you could be able to tell the media score card on the way they have been in the coverage of the election.

For the media there is a motion already set that this is a two horse race. This is why it will be very hard for the remaining candidates who are being discovered to be running right now. They seem to have an initial focus on both NASA and Jubilee more and they have failed to remember there are other people in the equation.

Poor understanding of the way the media works

The media strategists and teams for the late candidates need to work on their strategists in order to get more TV time. This is because their teams seem to be dead asleep and are letting their counterparts to steal the spotlights. Even though people say the election is won on the grassroots it is important for candidates to be able to make sure they have taken care of how they are perceived by the media because it goes a long way.

The problem with the candidates is that they are not taking the time by the media to build a portfolio for themselves for themselves and establish media presence. It seems they are the ones running the show alone and they fail to get into the picture. It is high time they invested in making sure they have done their work.

There is heavy need to get a strong well oiled campaign into the show. People like Obama had a strong campaign because they invested in their campaigns and they did not leave the big money for the top moneyed candidates. It is high time for the candidates who claim they have a plan for the country to work with investors and business men in order to get to have the money to run their media campaigns.

They need to make sure they have developed themselves in the way that people can be able to see their plans and be able to recognize their work. They need to build themselves a platform in the work they have been doing and they need to make sure they have developed their image five years prior to the election. Politics is like any other job; no one wants to give you that job before they have seen your worth. This is the same notion the media has used to determine that this is a two horse race.

After losing the presidential election it took Raila Odinga some time to rebuild his strategy or else he would have ended his political life if he continued keeping silent. That is why in 2014 when he came back is when the opposition became stronger than ever. He seemed to have come back with a plan and a lot of strategy to make sure he maintained media and national presence. It is high time independent presidential candidates realized they need to wake up from their slumber and realize the media will not give them airtime for nothing they have other things to do than cover people who do not seem to be planning well for them.


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