This is my take on Cyprian Nyakundi’s attack on NMG for cyber bullying coverage

By David Mwenda 

NTV on Sunday had a talk on cyber bullying and how it can be handled in the long run. Earlier, a story by Elvis Ondieki had been published in Nairobi News, an NMG online outlet.

The story was about the death of 29-year-old Brenda Akinyi and how she committed suicide after she posted her story on a Facebook group Buyer Beware Kenya (ORIGINAL) . The members of the group went out to make sure they have given very snide comments and did not think about the end of the story.

On NTV’s Weekend Edition, Sharon Baranga brought the report for TV viewers and she even made more and more confirmation of the details. She went out to look for someone in the group who had done her part and tried to help her. She even tried to make sure she got the entire story that was missed by Nairobi News and she made sure she has aced the entire story. The culmination of the entire event was a conversation by Victoria Rubadiri and a panel which included a family lawyer, a person who had survived cyber bullying and a CA(K) representative.

Was Nyakundi’sthe best approach?

This was the first question I asked myself when I watched the videos and how they presented their work. The media has a role to make sure they have informed everyone of the things that have been happening in the country. They need to make sure people know how to handle the issue.

For one Cyprian Nyakundi however he did not seem to buy this story. According to his blog post he called the entire coverage of cyber bullying by NMG as Bullshit Journalism. He went out to criticize the use of a dead woman in order to get the story out there and he tried to shame them for having this discussion.

He did not seem to buy the story of the use of things in the long run. This is why he even went on the offensive by trying to abuse a journalist and stalked his Facebook page to see his posts and what he was saying. I am not biased towards Cyprian but he did not seem to check the facts on this story. I tried to call him to check his stories in the show and he made sure he has done his work in the right way.

For starters he went to point out how he made allegations of a paid PR scam but he did not provide any evidence to support this story and how he got the information. I tried to contact him in order to get the story but he did not respond to any of my calls or texts.

Cyprian seemed to make sure they need to make sure he avoids making stories just off his head and allege that things are there but they are not there.  After contacting Elvis Ondieki on his piece he simply declared that he was not worried about the entire thing and that the story Cyprian run was just malicious and that he needed to make sure he got the facts right before posting his story. Since he did not pick my calls to confirm this story then I was left wondering who is right and who is wrong. Because on one hand here is a person who alleges the story is mediocre and then there is another person who thinks the story does emphasize his position.

The media needs to be checked. Though bloggers do this they do this in a manner that suggests that these are not people. It is high time we as bloggers realize they need to do better and they need to check facts and not just run stories for the sake of running them for the hits and the likes on social media.It is high time people realized the ravages of cyber bullying and I think on this one NTV scored a huge hell amount of points and at least they have done something to make sure they have exposed the bad side of social media.




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