Boss Shollei’s walkout: this is why someone would abandon an interview

By David Mwenda

Gladys Boss Shollei is someone who surprised many when she decided to run for the Uasin Gishu Woman Representative. She did not seem to be a likely candidate to win the Jubilee primaries. However, she made it. This is why she drew a lot of attention from people, including the media.

This is why when NTV’s Jane Ngoiri came up with the very good idea of inviting her to her pre-recorded interviews on Monday night.  The show aims at getting candidates who are running to share their opinion on the issues of the day.

So when she got Shollei on board for the interview she thought she would put her up to task to her work when she was the Chief Registrar at the Judiciary.

However, when Jane got to this topic, she seemed like she had hit a very raw nerve which was still painful and she got a piece of an angry Shollei’s mind.

Soon as Jane began questioning her integrity it seemed like a bad nightmare for Shollei as she got angry and she left the interview grounds never to come back to the show. There are many things one can think when she left the show.

I do not know if she is innocent as she claims but no one wants to discuss how they were fired from their job (a high profile one at that). One thing is for sure and that is that Shollei is one bitter woman who does not want to return to her dark past.

Shollei went ahead to blame the media for trying to put questions to her but they did not question her boss and they gave her unnecessary attention for 10 weeks running. She seems to be very bitter with the media for trying to put her down by asking her the very questions she was asked by her JSC counterparts, parliament and even the media four years ago.

On one hand I think Shollei is right to have walked out on the interview simply because she felt she seemed like she was not having the time of her life explaining something she already explained years ago. On the other hand she seemed to have hit the wrong nerve also. NMG seems to have set up a war room just for her for the last couple of days. From discussions on NTV today to the clip of her walking out of her interview, to a Daily Nation report on their website she seems to have become an overnight obsession for Nation Media Group.

I partly agree that election season any news is news and in the current news cycles this passes very easily. However this kind of news only seems to put the media on a pedestal and they seem to be getting the job done. However they need to make sure they have done their work in the right way. For instance the interview could have covered very little of her stint as Chief Registrar. Jane would have tried to make sure she maintained the interview on a policy trajectory and not on her past.

Shollei also needs to step up her media guy. I normally tell people who castigate the media the same line Olivia Pope uses in Scandal “it is not personal its business”. Once they find something in the news cycle they will definitely move on when you become a dull topic to discuss. Shollei needs to know this fact and also make sure she has done her best to make sure she has a good image in the media again.


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