Does Joe Ageyo’s return scuttle other KTN News presenters?

By David Mwenda

Presidential campaigns began on Sunday May 28 and they have started monitoring what the media is doing.

Joe Ageyo comes back to the screen as he always does every election year and then he kinds of disappears — to lead the other KTN journalists or whatever else he does.

He made sure that the long wait counted. He hosted Nasa campaign chair Musalia Mudavadi and they had a lot of things to talk about. He made sure to ask the questions that have been on my mind and in the minds of the many Kenyans waiting to vote in the long run.

The “10 million strong” strategy

This was the first thing they discussed with Joe when the interview began. He made sure he understands the logic behind this thoughts and strategies behind NASA. He made sure they he brings into perspective what the NASA team is looking forward to do by creating this narrative and whether the strategy of the ten million strong will work at all in the work they are trying to bring to people.

Joe tried to enquire if they have really done their research or whether they are basing their facts. He also tried to ask if they were banking on the tribal outfits and the king pins. This is where Joe really hammered Musalia and he made sure that he has really expunged on this set of alliances and whether they plan on making sure they have gotten their answers. The show was making sure they know whether their basing their mathematics based on the numbers they have or rather they basing them on their issues.

The interview did not base itself on the issue of the strategy only but what their policies and documents. It seems like someone has been ranting on the issues that I have been bringing up every time journalists have been interviewing opposition leaders. They have been treating them with kid gloves with everyone who interviews them. It seems Joe did his research on this and he tried to make sure he has gotten the relevant information.

The issues he tacked were what they have been speaking at during campaigns and what they have been putting as what they have been trying to say are their main issues when they come to power. First on was obviously the issue of rent which received a lot of criticism from the Jubilee side of government. They have made this a major issue but in a free market economy this is something that is very hard to achieve with landlords on the way. However he was able to explain how they would handle this issue. It brought a lot of light to this issue making it something that might actually win the hearts of many residents who complain about the rising cost of living.

Other issues that featured on this interview included corruption, the economy, devolution and the composition of NASA and the preparedness of the IEBC and if they think this will be a good referee. Joe Ageyo seems to have cut a niche for being a very tough interviewer and he brings a lot of the table. Catch him every Monday on Kivumbi 2017.


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