Jane Ngoiri was not deserted on set this time, but….

By David Mwenda

The woman pitted against Nasa strong man, Isaac Ruto; Joyce Laboso was the guest on Jane Ngoiri’s show on Monday. This was a bounce back for Jane after her last interview went south and left her seated on her own after Gladys Boss Shollei left her talking to herself.

One thing with Jane Ngoiri is that she did not hold back on the failed interview and she capitalized on it she made sure she had played the part of a journalist who was playing her role when someone walked out. She did this and she definitely has hit the best and has made her name in the line of journalists in the country.

Jane was casual and this time though she went very low on the way she has been doing been doing her work. She made sure they have done they have given her a way to talk about Joyce it was like the normal get to know Joyce Laboso interview. She made sure the interview was interesting and back on track and Joyce was the right choice.

She started from the top and she started with the career beginnings of the deputy speaker and the current Sotik legislator. She made sure she had gotten the sentiments since her sister died and she got the seat to be the MP for Sotik. Jane tried to get a hold of the feeling she felt being a new person to politics and how it felt taking up from her sister.

I must say that Jane was able to handle this topic. She was able to endear her to the people and she was able to make Laboso be a very interesting and for her to be able to appeal as a person who steps up when there is a problem. She made sure they have talked about this in full length and what she has been able to learn on the matter of being a national leader.

Also something to note was her stint as her deputy of the National Assembly. She made sure they have done everything is placed on the table from her being one of the first Deputy Speaker’s in Kenyan history. She was able to talk to her about what she thought about her job and her relationship with Gladys Wanga after she poured water on her. This was during the security laws stalemate.

However, I felt like Jane did not really ask the questions that really mattered, like the fact that the security laws which the Jubilee administration had been pushing about.

They made sure to shove it down people’s throats and people tried to make them do the right thing. The media also  made sure they have tried to point out this problem. Jane however failed to make sure she had gotten how it felt for them trying to run the show and pass laws which were later found to be controversial.

Overall, the interview was not a huge blur but it proved to be informative and it shaped a huge image of Joyce Laboso. However, her less interesting as they have the same questions. Interviewers need to step up their game.


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