The return of Michelle Morgan brings a new twist to Friday night television

By David Mwenda

Michelle Morgan needs no introduction to the Kenyan media scene. Having started as a business news anchor at Citizen TV to moving on and becoming a news anchor alongside Michael Njeng’a and then finally moving on to K24 where she was a news anchor and finally moving out to do other things and pursue other interests.

However, she seems to have found a home back at K24 and is set to be the newest host of Friday night show Jamsessions. The show’s premiere was this week and it left a lot to be desired.

The show, which seems to be emulating the rise of Friday night entertainment television with other stations beginning their shows to keep up. It started with The Trend on NTV then 10 Over 10 on Citizen TV to Tendreza on KTN and now this week Jamsessions. The shows seem to want to divide the number of people who are viewing a certain show.

Back to Michelle. She seems to have scored really high on the show and how it was received. A spot check on Twitter shows that people were congratulating her for coming back on the television show. Her hype was also another thing that seems to be getting more and more people to watch her show.

She seems to have gained this interactive nature with everyone on the show. Her once very calm and collective nature has been replaced with a new image of someone who is there to spice up your weekend when it is beginning. She seems to be the new person to make sure they have grown.

Her new image will go on a long way as many people do not watch K24 as it is not considered a TV fat cat. They have failed to have a factor to stand out even after raiding the top in the media industry. They have failed to create a person who can be able to bring in a lot of traffic in their shows.

The new set is also very interesting as it makes Michelle become the girl next door image. This image has been capitalized by other media outlets in the area. However her style is very unique and represents a very different person who wants to make sure she is close to the people who really matter. She seems to be having the right idea of getting close to the people who wants to get close to her and she makes sure she is heard by everyone on the ground.

Another thing that endears everyone about the show is the fact it seems to be bringing Hip Hop fans to appreciate the rise of the culture in the country. she seems to capitalize on the act that the Hip hop industry in Kenya is growing and people are now interested in listening to artistes such as Khaligraph and Nyashinski who are chucking hit after hit.

Overall her prowess at hosting the show is yet to be tested. Will she be able to be the hype girl she says she is trying to portray? Does she have what it takes to be the best in Friday night entertainment? Will she change the scene? Only time can tell.


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