This is my verdict on how the media has been covering crime reports

By David Mwenda

Last month I covered the take home points I got from Dennis Okari’s coverage of the Gaza gang. In it I raised a couple of questions about the coverage.

K24 has now again put out a new story on the same gang but with a different twist. The piece done by Francis Mwala sought to make sure people understand the recent spate of killings including the death of Nairobi’s prettiest gangster Claire Njoki. For a gangster she has received a lot of media coverage and it is either playing out well for her fellow gang members.

Francis was a little bit more articulate and focused on how they operate and what they are bent on doing. He made sure they have given the right information on the group. He made sure people have understood that the fight is now not only being fought on the streets but it has now gone even to social media. Criminals are not afraid to show that they are doing crime or they have done something horrible on social media.

The media has been very keen on making sure that this is known. This can be seen by the way they have done the research on the social media. However you cannot really deem it as research rather they seem to have leads already and they have been able to trace them. There is need for the media to develop better methods than just social media reporting.

This is why they need to go to the ground and make sure they have found out what is the story behind this rants and whether they can be able to make sure the criminals are known or the people who know them have a voice behind them.

Another thing the media needs to make sure they have defined made sure they have made understand whether his is political or not. The media has been trying to allude that this gang is not just only tied to Vybz Cartel but it is also a political outfit. However what I have not been unable to understand is why they have never been able to tell us which politicians are funding them. Which cartel would want to operate such an outfit which causes this much trouble and why are they causing this trouble. Who benefits from the mess?

The media also needs to draw the line and it needs to make sure they have given the right information. For instance they have been able to air the problem that is Gaza. However even when you read the comments that are being given on social media there seems to be a disconnect.

One group claims the police have resorted to brutality while some believe that the police needs to use this kind of force to weed out the people who have been hiding as Gaza members. The media needs to make sure the government has given the way forward in getting the best security in the country. How are they planning to deal with the rising rate of cyber chest thumping going on by the thugs?



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