Was it sanitation or was it the truth? Looking back at JKL’s interview with Waiguru

By David Mwenda

For a couple of weeks I have not really liked the trend in which Jeff Koinange has been bringing guests to the show.

That is why, when he released a poster announcing that former devolution and planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru would be on the show, at first I did not really know what they would talk about. Would it be the grand corruption saga that has faced her the last three years or her win of the Kirinyaga race and the supposed barring by the Public Accounts Committee and her being red carded by Transparency International?

To my surprise, Jeff was able to handle all of these issues in a one-hour interview. He made sure he had given his viewers a show they could remember and, honestly, when the interview ended I felt like they needed to continue a little bit. The show was lit and anyone who missed it should be really disappointed they did.

Anne seems to be disappointed with the media the same way everyone is disappointed in the work they have been doing.  She seems to be worried that the media has been very biased in the way they have handled the entire coverage of her stint at Devolution and Planning and the scandals that were following her everywhere even after she left the ministry. Anne seemed displeased and she even tried to blame it on the people she thought who were not giving her any peace at all.

Her disappointment was shown from the beginning of the interview and how she was answering questions. she seemed to be very disappointed with the way the media was doing its work and how they were presenting narratives. For instance she seems to believe that the media is representing the facts wrong  on her being barred by the PAC  and even the corruption narratives brought about by people who think she is not doing her job right.

Jeff seemed to be encouraging her on this topic. Anne knows how to work a person to her side. She related very well to Jeff and his cyber bullying and her bullying. She seemed to be able to bring Jeff to her side and made sure she has been able to bring him to listen to her without him being tough on her.

 Why is she running in Kirinyaga?

This is something Jeff was able to tackle in all angles. First is why she is running and yet she had declared herself a technocrat. This is something that she was able to tackle in her work and how she was handling this issue. She made sure she was able to make sure she is very interesting. She was able to negate the fact that she has officially left government and is now a technocrat in his work.

Jeff got the opportunity to talk to her about her opponent and she was able to answer her back on the things she had once said about her. She was able to bash her for her corruption scandal with BAT. It seemed she wanted to take the heat off her interview. She seemed to make sure she has given the right thing about her work.

Though the interview seemed like she was being honest something is amiss. There are always two ways at looking at the glass. Half empty or half full the half empty is that she was trying to make herself look like the sympathetic character and half full is that she was able to create another image of her work.


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