Why Dida gave Yvonne a run for her money by avoiding all her questions

By David Mwenda

Abduba Dida is very different from all other presidential candidates vying this year. Ever since he got into the race and rose to fame during the famed presidential debates he has been a person who is endeared to by people.

However he got to be interviewed by Yvonne Okwara and it seems both had a hard time trying to bring in their agendas to the table. For the first time I felt sorry for Yvonne because this interview was one that needed a hardship allowance and a drink at the end of it.

It was hard for Yvonne as she tried to get him to answer her questions. She seems to have given her the time to try and explain his policies but he seemed bent on teaching her a few things including his already prepared lectures.

It is obvious that Dida is a very religious man and he seems to be the most interested person in making sure Kenya is moral. He seems to be the person who is ready to make sure that Kenya is morally correct and he seems like he wants to change the way we view things. He even seems to have a different way to the approaching the problems in the country.

This is beside the point as that is not what I want to discuss with you. Yvonne was frustrated from point zero and she seems to be facing trouble after trouble as she tried to get him to give him the particulars on his plans for the country. When she tried to get his perspective of the way he saw the education system he only gave out the problems and he did not seem to be having the solution. When he was asked for the solution he seemed to have only one line. We have experts who will do the work. Even though he was a teacher at one of the top schools in the country he does not seem to have the solution to how to handle the issues in the country. This left me wondering in particular what his role will be in the long run.

Yvonne was not only pummeled with lectures but she seems to be overwhelmed with the Dida and what he wanted to say. She seemed to have faced an uphill task trying to find out about his policies. This is not because she was not prepared but she was not able to understand way he was presenting his points. To Dida he was not being the person who is very easy to read. You cannot be able to predict what he is going to say or when you follow up if he will say what you want to him.

Though he proves a hard read for Yvonne you can tell that he is not about to beg your votes or rely on PR. He seems to be very pressed on making sure that Kenyans understand that the choice is with them to elect him or not.


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